Where To Find Cheap Rave Clothing

As ravers, we all know that rave clothing can get expensive. REAL expensive. The prices can definitely add up over time with those rave fits you’ve been collecting!

Sometimes we’re able to splurge, but most of the time we like to know all the budget friendly places we can go for rave clothes while still having top notch rave outfits. I made a list of FIVE places to find cheap rave clothing and the best sections to look in each one.

  1. SHEIN
    1. This clothing store is getting more and more popular everyday. They add hundreds of new clothing every single day with very low prices
      1. I have found so many options on here for summer and winter rave clothing! All the other seasons too of course, I’m just focusing on warm and cold weather rave outfits.
        1. The bikini sets are usually around $10-$20 and there are SO many options! With these beautiful sets, you can have a full rave fit for less than $20! 
        2. I have found cute shimmery crop tops in the “Tops” section too!
        3. If you have time to browse this site, you can find rave clothes throughout the whole store (especially the accessories!).
  2. Amazon
    1. This one is probably the most common one you can think of. It’s a no brainier that Amazon has cheap affordable things no matter what it is. 
      1. If you haven’t already, just type “rave clothing” and you will find pages of cheap things
      2. Now most of the time, I usually see IHeartRaves clothing on it so it can be tough finding items other than that. If you feel yourself at the end of the search or just not really finding what you’re looking for, look up things like party outfits, bodysuits, party clothes, etc
  3. Instagram
    1. I’m not talking about shops on Instagram, I’m talking about rave closets! I have found great quality rave outfits for as much as 50% off! There are many ravers out there that have a separate page called their “rave closet” where they sell their old rave clothes for pretty cheap
      1. Most of these clothes are marked as only wore once or never at all! These pages can be found by putting in #ravecloset and many will pop up! 
  4. Second hand selling apps
    1. There are a couple of very popular apps where you can put your clothes you’re trying to sell and be able to ship them wherever they are sold. These used to not be so popular and you would only have the option to sell your items to people that are local to you.
      1. There are apps like Poshmark, Depop, and thredUP.
  5. IHeartRaves
    1. I always preach about supporting small shops but one thing I will agree on is that IHeartRaves has very reasonable prices for all rave clothing. Mostly every beginner raver starts by getting clothes at IHeartRaves for a reason. The prices are low for good quality clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Now I will always say if you have the extra money to splurge on at least your rave bottoms, face mask, top, etc, PLEASE support small shops! There are so many wonderful businesses out there that you could support and find the cutest rave clothes for a good price. I find most small shops on Etsy, Instagram and Twitter. I know it’s easy to go to the main stores that everyone talks about and you know the name of because it’s already in your mind, but it is so much more worth it taking the time to find small shops that you like to get your rave clothes. Many of these are handmade/made to order, and every piece I get from these shops will always have so much more meaning.

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