Easy Ways To Take Rave Pictures At Home

I thought of this idea when I wanted to take pictures for a blog post but I was busy, I couldn’t think of how I was going to add time to do my makeup.

So I took some time one day and I thought of these ideas on easy ways to take rave pictures at home that hopefully help you as much as they helped me!

Especially in the winter, I would say it is harder than usual to go outside or somewhere outside of your home to get a good rave picture. Most of us slow down on raves in the winter but we still want that instagram feed to be filled with cute rave pictures! Of course you can post old ones but you can run out of those fast or you need/want something new.

These tips can also be used at raves, in public, or wherever you like to take pictures but the steps are mainly focused on ways to take pictures in your home or quick easy ways that still make the picture POP!

  1. Focus on the rave. Booty.
    1. If you stay focused on the picture being mainly focused on your back side or your rave booty than you don’t even have to worry about doing your makeup. Brush your hair, put your rave outfit on and get creative!

Picture Credit: @fancy_peach_babe

  1. Use your fan for the main focal point
    1. I would say this tip is mainly towards the awkward, shy, new to the photo game people (like myself). Moving your fan around your body, your face, getting a candid shot of you using it or just opening and closing it is a great way to beautiful shots while having something to hold or put the picture on something that’s not just yourself, so you’re not standing there awkward with no clue on what to do or how to pose. P.s: this is me 80% of the time taking pictures, I AM WITH YOU. Even though these pictures would be more dramatic if you had time to do makeup, it’s not necessary.

Picture Credit: @centeredthroughtheflow (me!)

Picture Credit: @dplurprincess (The Beautiful PLUR Princess!)

  1. Step back from the outfits and focus on eye makeup! Use a face mask!
    1. If you have a little extra time, it’s a lot of fun doing dramatic eye makeup (this is also helping practice makeup so yay for getting better at rave looks at the same time!) and not really focusing on the outfit. Put a face mask on and have fun being dramatic, fierce, funny, whatever you’re feeling! The options are endless when the main focus in the picture is your rave/face mask and your eyes. 
      1. Tips when taking these: especially when your focus is on your face, like a portrait, figure out your favorite angles and practicing facial expressions with the mask on before you take this. This saves you from getting in front of the camera and having NO CLUE what to do. Remember that you can’t see your mouth so you have to express with your eyes and angles.

Picture Credit: @thesparklingunicorns (She also makes face masks!)

Picture Credit: @_.m.iranda

  1. The typical “LOOK AT MY SHOES” pose
    1. Now everyone knows about this pose. I’ll put a couple examples here and you will feel the lightbulb go off on knowing what pose this is.
    2. This is a great pose that not only focus on your shoes (obviously), but it does focus on your outfit as well. This one is going to take a little extra time if you want to make it unique but it’s definitely worth it and I feel like it puts a nice touch on anyones insta feed. 

Picture Credit: @xmoonkissed

Picture Credit: punkdesignshop

Picture Credit: @kendrazager

  1. Focus on the collarbones 
    1. This one is going to be a little more difficult to explain but I will insert a picture I did at Wakaan Festival so it makes more sense. I really love the look of focusing on your collar bones and and jewelry you have on. Glitter puts a BEAUTIFUL touch on these pictures too.

These can all feel a little weird at first, so keep trying and remember that if it doesn’t feel awkward, you’re not doing it right! Most pictures I take when I feel the most awkward, are some of the best pictures I’ve taken! Ask any model if they ever felt awkward taking pictures, they will most likely say yes!

Now this is a little random and not part of the tips but if you can afford it and are serious about pictures; say you want to grow your social media, you have a blog or you just like taking REALLY good pictures for fun, I fully recommend investing in lights (I use shadow box lights HERE). You don’t need a camera to take pictures either, I use THIS tripod and use my phone to take pictures.

If you can’t afford lights, don’t worry! Try to focus on taking pictures during the day in front of a window! Honestly window lighting is sometimes way better than shadow box lighting. It all depends what vibe you want to go for. Natural or more studio lighting.

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