HiJinx 2019 Review

December 24th, 2019

Before The Festival:

I’m someone who likes to research like crazy before going somewhere, especially raves/festivals. Since I’ve never gone to HiJinx before, I wanted to make sure I did a little bit of research of what it’s like. What the outfits are like, the reviews of it from previous years, looking at the pros and cons, the vibe overall, etc.

My thoughts: Even though I believe that the ticket prices were a little overpriced, the lineup makes up for it. This lineup is solid and now that the set times are out, I feel so restless and I’m ready to rave! I’ve also never seen photos from an inside festival like HiJinx where everyone’s rave outfits are so creative. I didn’t like it at first that HiJinx ended so early (at first I thought it ended at 10) but then they announced the official afterparties and it all came full circle! A whole night of dancing with amazing artists to choose from. Last year was the first year of HiJinx so overall from what I’ve heard and this year it sold out, this is going to a memorable experience!

The cons I read: This is my first HiJinx so I’m staying open minded on how this experience is going to be. I went on Reddit and did read cons that were common and kept repeating. 

1. Many people said that the sound quality was not so great last year. The sound was unrecognizable when you were in the back of the crowd, but if you were too close, it was way to loud. I also kept seeing that “the area by the tenatacles is where to be” which confused me so much until I looked up pictures and now I understand that they seriously meant the TENTACLES!

2. When I was looking up #hijinx on Instagram, I got very excited! Mostly everyone was wearing regular rave clothes that didn’t include pants or joggers! That gave me hope that it stays warm inside the convention center, but I did read multiple times that if you like the back of the crowd you are going to feel cold wind throughout the night and won’t stay as warm as you would in the crowd.

Picture Credit: https://edmidentity.com/2019/09/12/hijinx-2019-lineup-announce/

December 30th, 2019

After The Festival:

  • I don’t want to start this any other way than WOW! I’ve only been to one inside festival (Foam Wonderland 2019) so I will say that I don’t have many events to compare it to in my experience but HiJinx was a truly unforgettable experience. Everything ran pretty smoothly. The lines for the restrooms, the food, and vendors were going fairly fast. There were regular restrooms and many porta potties as well. Sometimes the regular restrooms went a lot faster than the porta potties even though the line was longer.

The decorations were so cute and well thought out. You will see in my video I posted on my YouTube Channel that there were inflatable monsters everywhere, tentacles and more monsters hanging from the ceiling. Let’s not forget about the inflatable “HIJINX” sign! We went by that sign multiple times both days because not only was it placed very well and you could see the stage right below the sign but the sound quality was still amazing! You could hear all the words even in the way back. 

One thing I want to add is that day two was colder inside than day one. I like to stay in the back of the crowd and the cold was kind of unbearable at some points. Even if you would go more into the crowd to warm up, it wouldn’t help very much. Thankfully I had my pashmina to keep me warm but we did have to buy a jacket and a cloak because we couldn’t handle how cold it was. Later in the night, it did get more warm but I feel like if we didn’t get those extra layers, we would still be freezing.

Drink & Food Prices: There weren’t a lot of food options. Unless I missed a couple vendors, I only saw pretzels and grilled cheese by the restrooms. I tried the pretzel sticks day 1 and it wasn’t that great. It was hard to eat and not warm. I had to just eat the inside because I could not chew threw the outside. Day 2 I tried the grilled cheese, and the line worked a little weird. They had several options to choose from but you could only get what was ready when you finally got to the front of the line. I wanted to order the grilled cheese with tomato but it wasn’t ready so I just had to grab the classic. I do want to add that I don’t eat meat and I could taste that they make all grilled cheeses on the same grill. You could taste the burgers and bacon on the grilled cheese. I’m not sure how much the drink prices were but from what I saw, they didn’t have a lot of options. They had beer and white claw everywhere though. You would always see people walking around, selling beer, water and white claws. They would even walk in the crowd with a flashlight trying to sell drinks. For water refills, I only saw one refill station and it did take a while to fill up your water. For day 1, I filled up my hydration pack with the sink in the bathroom which was SO much faster and day 2, I just used the water fountains.

Ticket Prices – Worth It?: I was hesitant at first on why the tickets were so expensive but after going to HiJinx, I will say that the ticket prices ARE worth it. One complaint I have is that they should have more food and drink options. If you want to go next year, I would try and get Tier 1 if you can. I got Tier 2 but if I had to get Tier 3, I really don’t think I would have gotten my tickets and went to the festival. There was a lot of photo opportunities, the sound was great, the stage was well thought out and THE LASERS were insane! The process to get in was easy and whether you like to be in the front, side, or back of the crowd, there is a place for you! 

Sound Quality: Like I added in my entry before the festival, I read a lot of comments that the sound quality was not good unless you were really close to the stage. I would say that they listened to everyone and fixed that issue. No matter where we were in the crowd, the sound quality was perfect. Even in the way back where you can sit and eat, by the vendors.

Ravers (the overall crowd vibes): Everyone was so nice! I really don’t have anything to say other than how friendly everyone was. The vibes and energy was unreal. For both days, the moment you walked into the convention center, you could feel the amazing energy from everyone there. I’m someone that likes to keep to myself and not talk to many people. Nothing against anyone, I’m just a very shy person but at HiJinx it was so easy to talk to everyone! PLUR was very strong at HiJinx Festival. 

One thing I will never forget is when we were walking around and looking at all the vendors. We were trying to find this light up ring that we saw everyone had. We were looking everywhere and couldn’t find it! I saw these group of people walk by and this person had the light up ring. I asked the guy where he got his ring because I’ve we have been looking for one. He told me that someone actually just gave it to him and he didn’t know where they got it from. Then he asked me if I wanted the ring and I was SO THANKFUL! I was about to cry. He gave me the ring and wished me a happy HiJinx! Thank you again whoever you were! You seriously made the rest of my night.

Overall, HiJinx was an amazing time! I probably won’t be going next year because I want to experience another end of the year festival in 2020! Lights All Night and Countdown NYE is definitely on the bucket list. Especially with the new year AND new decade, this year should be about new beginnings and experiences. Here’s to 2020! *clink*

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