20 Pregaming Questions While Drinking (PLUS 3 Games!)

Here are 20 questions that I’ve worked on for awhile and I hope these bring laughs to the group, keeping them entertained and hyped!

  1. What are you drinking now and what is your go to drink at the bar?
  2. What is your favorite pregame song?
  3. Who is most likely to black out?
  4. What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?
  5. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
  6. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  7. What can you talk about for hours?
  8. What is the story on how you got your name?
  9. What’s one “old person” thing that you do?
  10. How come you never read about a psychic winning the lottery?
  11. Would you rather keep your current sleep schedule or hibernate for 3 months and have 9 months of 24/7 alertness without being tired?
  12. What is the funniest joke you know by heart?
  13. Why does grape flavor smell the way it is when actual grapes don’t smell anything like it? 
  14. What did you say as a kid when you were asked: “what do you want to be when you’re older?”
  15. What are you looking forward to most right now?
  16. Would you rather wear shoes every single second for the rest of your life or never be allowed to wear shoes ever again?
  17. Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?
  18. If you were a transformer, would you need car or life insurance?
  19. What, if anything, do you consider yourself obsessed with?
  20. Who’s the lightweight in the room?

Most of these can hold a long conversation, so these might take awhile to finish!

Sometimes you do run out of questions or it starts to get less interesting so you want to do more than just questions. Either way, I understand and I am here for you!

Here are 3 pregaming games!

  1. Circle Of Death
    1. This one is easy and can go a lot of ways!
      1. How You Play: Take a can of beer or whatever you prefer that has a tab on it and spread out a deck of cards around it in a circle
      2. Each person takes a card, going around one person at a time putting a card underneath the tab. Eventually the tab will pop & open and the person who it pops on, drinks the beer or what you chose.
        • There are a lot of different ways to make this more interesting than just going in a circle putting cards underneath the tab
          • Never Have I Ever
            1. Coming up with questions on the spot is a little tricky so you can look up questions online or I know there is a card game where you can randomly choose cards (make it easy on yourself)
          • If you don’t want to sit around and do the pregaming questions, play this game with those questions! 
  • Write them down in separate small pieces of paper and put it in a bowl. Everyone can go around and read one question. Once you answer, put a card underneath the tab one by one 

– BONUS TIP: Now you can make up your own or use the ideas I mentioned above but if you wanted to make any of these a little extra fun or challenging, put a dare on your can of beer and the person who loses gets to choose who does the dare. Makes it interesting and includes more than just one person at the end.

– BONUS TIP #2: If you know you’re going to do a couple rounds of this game and this version,  I would put dares on however many rounds you think you’re going to do, move them around a little bit and randomly grab the cans as you go

  1. Flip Cup
    1. This one’s a classic and very simple. You fill about 6 cups, ¾ of the way on the sides of a table. Two players go one at one time across from each other. You drink what is in your cup, flip the cup from the wider side (drinking side) starting half way on the table then flip right side up. The first person who finishes first, wins!

  1. Drunk Jenga
    1. Okay I’m going to be completely honest with you, this one (in my opinion) gets boring fast. I’ve played my fair share of jenga and I get tired of playing it after about five games. This is just my opinion though, you can play this for hours and have an amazing time but I like playing this game when you’re just about to head out the door, but you’re still waiting on someone or something.
      • This one is simple! Set up your game of jenga and whoever makes it fall, takes a shot! This one is fun to play in partners as well!

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