How I Plan My Rave Outfits

We all do it differently. I know there’s people out there that are like me and have this whole system, everything is detailed and down to a tee planning any and all rave outfits. I thought of this post because everytime I plan my outfits, I have this whole system that I’ve MASTERED.


  1. Start With A Theme (Or Multiple Themes)
    1. Start with your theme or multiple themes if the festival is multiple days. If the festival is one day or multiple, I will plan all of the themes first or have a general idea of what I want my outfits to look like. To save us time, we’re just going to say it’s one day for the examples I’m going to use in this post!
      1. Theme Ideas: monochromatic, pattern, neon, base the outfit around black joggers, bodysuit with harness, etc

Important: Know how long you’re going to need to plan your outfits. I usually take 3 months to plan or for the huge main raves like edc las vegas, I like to give myself at least 6 months to plan! My biggest problem is making sure that my outfit is exactly what i want because you don’t have much time to switch up your outfits. And if you do, it’s pretty stressful no matter how big or small the rave is. For example: Hijinx day one and two, I only took about two months to figure out my outfits.

  1. Summer Rave Or Winter Rave? 
    1. If you need to dress a little warmer than a summer rave, it is VERY important to make sure you accurately plan how many layers you need. I get cold very easily so I make sure I figure this out before I start planning the outfit. If it’s a winter rave, you might want to plan a cute cover up, racing pants, joggers, sheer pants, etc to pair with your outfit. I always make sure I have at least one layer in my hydration pack no matter what and two layers if it’s an outside festival. That layer is usually a pashmina and for winter festivals I bring a pash and either some type of pants or a crewneck (sweater). After HiJinx, my go to might change to jerseys though. I brought my Subtronics jersey and it kept me warm all night!
  1. If You Plan On Getting CUSTOM Outfits –
    1. If you know you want something custom, PLEASE try to plan that 5-6 months in advance! Sometimes you don’t know how long it’s going to take or if the company is behind. It can really slow your planning down for outfits and it’s just better to be prepared 
      1. Try to support your favorite small rave shops and other small businesses with custom requests!
    1. Now you can finally plan your outfit! You have your theme, you have your time crunch and now you know if you need to plan for extra layers or not.
      1. WAIT! Before you start scrolling online, look in your rave closet and see what you have! It’s always better to save money if you can. You can always have different and unique outfits while re wearing rave wear.
      2. If you know you have something that matches the theme you want to go with, even if its leftover pasties you never used, a sheer bra, bottoms, etc, you can start basing your outfit around that.
  2. Start With Bottoms
    1. Knowing if you’re going to go with cheeky bottoms, high rise bottoms, a skirt, pants or shorts, etc helps a lot in planning the rest of your outfit
  3. Now Plan Your Top
    1. This can also range from a long sleeve, regular t shirt, crop top, bralette, bikini, bodysuit, etc  

When finding your outfits in general, start with your favorite online stores where you love shopping for rave clothes. 

  1. Time For Accessories – Part One!
    1.  I plan my face mask and harnesses if i’m wearing any. I know this is very specific but this is the best way that I know! I almost always have a face mask. There are so many benefits to face masks. Ever since I started using them a lot more, I don’t get as sick as I used to after a rave. Whether it’s the face mask that goes around your neck or the mouth face mask, I figure out which one will look better with the outfit.
    2. Then you plan your harnesses. I think harnesses make the rave outfit really pop and makes it look way more put together! I usually start with one harness. There’s a lot of options so if you do want to wear one or multiple, start with one and go from there. Amazon has many great cheap harnesses but keep in mind that if you are small, you most likely will have to cut your own hole in the harness, X-Acto knives are the best and cleanest way to do that! Thank you @schmxnderz (Her Instagram) for this amazing life hack! Keep in mind that harnesses can come in leather, silk, fabric, etc
  2. Time For Accessories – Part Two!
    1. Next I plan the small but important things. This is honestly the most exciting and my favorite part! The small accessories really bring your entire outfit together! You can wear fishnets, knee high socks, gloves, pashminas, bracelets, necklaces, hats, sunglasses, the possibilities are endless!

Of course (or maybe not of course?) there are way more steps than this like ordering the rave fits, trying them on and HOPEFULLY there are no mishaps, you need to figure out your shoes, and well, you get the point. There are steps upon steps but I’ve been doing this way for a while and it has saved me a lot of stress.

Now one more thing before I end this. One of my bad habits is thinking that everything is going too work because I pictured it in my head and it looked great! Save yourself trouble and TRY your outfits on before the event! I can’t even count how many times I was running around like crazy because what I thought was going to work did not work AT ALL!

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