GloFx Space Whip Remix Review

I don’t want to start this any other way than WOW THIS NEW PIXEL WHIP REMIX IS BEAUTIFUL!

I haven’t tried many companies that sell flow toys. I’ve only tried one whip from Fiberflies I bought from someone on Instagram. I’ve always loved GloFx products and they will always be my first choice when getting flow toys or any of the other products they have! Except hoops and sometimes poi, I get those flow toys from small shops on Etsy or Instagram. I wouldn’t say I have a huge collection but I do have the Orbit, Space whip (I’m not sure if it was called the remix or it had a different name but I got my very first whip about two years ago), and poi. Trust me, the collection will grow over time, I have my eye on so many things! 

I’ve recently gotten the new remix for Christmas so I’ve had it for two months now. After being able to play around with the settings and learning how to use a whip that HAS AN OPTION TO SWITCH THE FIBERS. I’m sorry for the all caps but this was such a genius idea to have fibers that can easily be switched using only the handle. I got the Space Whip Remix – Premier Bundle which comes with:

  • Two fibers
  • Flow grease
  • Safety glasses
  • Handle grip
  • Battery charger
  • Packet with all the different settings

GloFx Website:

The new sparkle fiber is unreal. When I first took the fibers out of the packaging, I connected the ‘regular’ fibers first to the handle and thought that was the new sparkle fiber. The colors and fibers have definitely improved though along the with the new settings but I was so confused. I’ve seen so many videos on the new sparkle fibers and was STUNNED by the beauty of the flow it gave you. I was wondering why I wasn’t able to achieve that with my new fibers. Then I switched to the other fiber and EVERYTHING started to make so much sense! I was in awe for so long by how different and unique this remix is. At this time, I didn’t even start flowing with it yet and I was amazed by the quality and improvement of GloFx whips.

From what I’ve experienced, the battery lasts longer than my original whip. I don’t know if this matters but I never had the rechargeable battery for my whip until I got my new remix whip bundle pack. The lights on my first whip would last about 20-30 hours until I had to change the batteries, which is 3 AAA batteries. 

The handle is also WAY lighter which was a little difficult to get used to but in a good way of course! Even though the counterweight is now lighter, I’ve noticed that my flow is improving since I started using the new handle/whip (you can’t separate the fiber head and handle with the original whip). Also, my ankles aren’t getting bruised every flow sesh now that I have a handle with the grip! I had the option to get a fiber grip for my original whip but I just never did!

I love that I can change my fibers to how my flow sesh is feeling. 

The only cons I have is that I feel like the fibers unwrap faster and more often than my original pixel whip.

Fibers coming out is fairly normal but I haven’t experienced losing so many fibers in such a short amount of time. This whip does have more fibers than my original so I cannot tell how many fibers are missing. I haven’t been the best at wrapping my whip since I started but I need to figure out a new way or solution to make sure these new fibers stay wrapped tightly. It hurts SO much when the fibers poke your eye. 

This is a weird comparison but you know how LED hoops are for more experienced hoopers because it’s not meant to be dropped very often? I believe the new space whip remix is similar to that. I try not to use that one often because the fibers do fall out faster than my other whip. I wouldn’t be afraid to use it though, I would just use it in moderation and not when you’re practicing in extended flow sessions, just like LED hoops. If I’m wrong about this comparison, I’m very sorry! I’ve only heard about this “rule” from other hoopers. I’m ONLY experienced in pixel whips and recently started learning hoop. I’m still a beginner hooper.

Overall, this is my new favorite whip in my collection. It makes me sad saying this but I do use the new whip way more than my original now. I will always have a place in my heart for my first whip and use it every now and then. I’m so happy with my progress in my flow lately, especially with more complex tricks because of the lighter counterweight and different allusions with the sparkle fibers.

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