10 Unique Etsy Shops Every Raver Should Check Out

Listen… Etsy is my LIFE! Everytime I start online shopping, the first tab I open is always Etsy. With SHEIN now coming in close second because I’ve been kind of obsessed with how cheap the clothing is. With festival season approaching, I wanted to share TEN of my favorite rave shops on Etsy! I’m very excited but my wallet is also crying because I started my 2020 festival outfit shopping this month!

  1. RageNationAppareal
    1. I have gotten two pashminas and a shirt from this shop. You have probably seen at least one person wearing this shop’s pashminas. This shop is very popular and there’s a reason for that! I would try out their pashminas for sure! The fabric is thick, the patterns are beautiful and there the perfect size for all the pashmina needs!
  2. Peridotcloth
    1. My favorite shop by far! I’ve only gotten one thing from this shop but I’m obsessed with their designs. The picture’s don’t even compare to the quality of the products. I already know that I’m going to do one of my EDC Las Vegas outfits (less than 100 days away! I can’t believe it!) that’s primarily peridotcloth products! Especially with the amount of customization they offer. I’ve known about this shop since I have started raving and I’m so proud that they have their own website now!
    1. Like the shop I just mentioned, I’ve only gotten one item from them. I got bottoms about a year ago and I loved them! They’re great quality and they have so many unique designs that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. One thing I will say just from my experience, I would order a size up in the bottoms. I don’t remember if I ordered an x small or small (I’m typically a small in everything), but they were very tight and looked kind of unflattering because of the type of fabric and how tight it was. I still made them work and wore them under this Liquid Stranger shirt I got on Etsy too.
  4. OneStopRave
    1. I actually discovered this shop because of Erika and Frida (If you don’t know who they are, they’re festival content creators). I believe it was one of their rave vlogs where they did a photo shoot with them and I thought their outfits were so cute! I haven’t ordered anything from this shop but I would definitely check them out!
  5. DevilWalking
    1. If you’ve been looking for one of a kind, trippy clothing this shop is for you! The Circuit Cut Long Sleeve has been calling my name and I MIGHT keep that one in mind for an upcoming rave!
  6. MakeSomeGood
    1. This one isn’t clothes but cute pieces for kandi! I have so many favorites, this shop really has everything! 
    2. Another shop I like for kandi beads is delishbeads!
  7. Elven Forest
    1. This shop has more of a fairy, bohemian vibe. The festival fairy look is my favorite! Not only for festivals but for everyday wear as well. Even if you don’t like this style, I would still check it out. You might find something you like!
    2. Another boho style shop I would check out is GypsyCollectiveCo!
  8. GlitterRomance
    1. I was going to get the blue lightning top for HiJinx but I ran out of time and I wasn’t able to order it. I don’t know the term for sewing and all that but the cuts, string, and designs of this shop amaze me every time they come out with something new! I’m not that into bodysuits but for some reason their bodysuits always catch my eye. I’ve never ordered anything from this shop but by the looks of the designs and reading the reviews, I would check this shop out.
  9. CoquetryClothing
    1. To be honest, I don’t have much to say about this shop because I’ve only recently discovered them. A couple things I LOVE about this shop are their bottoms that lace up in the back, the shorts and their crop tops!
  10. BlazedxConfused
    1. The techno collection is my favorite by far! Even though I do like the other collections, this is the one I will probably try first when I order from this shop for the first time.

If you liked any of these shops, don’t forget to favorite their shop and follow them on their socials! Small businesses deserve so much. Everytime I order something off of Etsy, it’s just so different from buying something from larger companies! The product and packaging is always so thought out and you can tell how much love goes into their work. 

Of course I had to take this opportunity to promote my new shop on Etsy! Come to us for any tye dye, custom design ideas on crop tops, sweatpants, and more! Everything tye dye is always custom dyed. Put any logo or design on any shirt or style we have in stock!

Our shop isn’t open yet but it will open beginning of March! This gives you time to get all your orders in for festival season!

This shop is run by my girlfriend and I. This shop was started so we can start saving up money for our future business! We are in an amazing place in our life where we almost have the complete business plan and now we just need the money to open our business! More info on all of this very soon but it will be a rave themed bar/venue! This bar is going to be one of a kind and something like you have never seen before. 

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