Raving Smarter BEFORE & AFTER A Rave

Before I start this, I wanted to say that the picture I used for this post is from EDC Las Vegas! I have been talking non stop about this for a long time and the “official” countdown is almost here! The lineup and theme will be announced next week and I could not be more excited! I will be doing a very special blog post soon that involves the lineup! If you’re always looking for music recommendations, I would keep an eye out for this one!

There is nothing worse than the tiredness and pain you’re in after a rave! A whole night of standing, dancing, sweating, and sometimes dehydration or a huge hangover takes a huge toll on your body. Especially if you go to a rave that is multiple days. You want to be as healthy as you can and recover as fast as you can so you can be your best for the next day or the next couple days. Luckily, there are things that can help you before and after a rave/festival to help keep up that festival energy!

Here are 5 tips each on how to rave smarter BEFORE & AFTER a rave!

Raving Tips for BEFORE the rave:

  1. Take your vitamins and drink your Pedialyte!
    • I would start taking the vitamins at least three days before the event but if you can and would remember, start taking the vitamins a week before. The main vitamins I would focus on taking before the rave is Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron, Fish Oil and Multivitamin.
    • With the Pedialyte, even if you’re very good at drinking water at raves, it’s good to drink at least one bottle before you leave. You can use it to just drink (so you can take your vitamins!), use it as a chaser (take my word on this, one of the best chasers I’ve ever used!), make mixed drinks with it, play Russian roulette as a pregame, and a lot more if you can get creative enough.
  2. Prepare a small bag ready of essentials that will keep everyone happy!
    • In my small bag, I have: 3 packs of gum, two chap-sticks, lozenges that help with dry mouth (I got them at Target!), Vicks or Boom Boom for your nose, travel tissue, baby wipes, and a lighter. I just keep this small makeup bag in my hydration pack! It sounds like a lot of things but I usually use everything in the bag and sometimes run out in one night.
  3. Pack some more essentials in your hydration pack!
    • Some things I would recommend bringing even if you don’t use them or feel like you won’t need them is: ponchos, face mask (put essential oil on the mask before you leave to help you breathe better), sunglasses, diffraction glasses, an extra pashmina or some kind of long sleeve if you know either you or someone in your rave family gets cold easily, a mini first aid kit, small flow toys like an orbit or a flow ring.
    • Another reason I keep an extra pashmina in my hydration pack is because I have always wanted to trade/give someone a pashmina but I just haven’t had the opportunity yet.
  4. Start strong by eating healthy before!
    • I am guilty of this too. It’s a lot easier to get fast food and eat it throughout the next couple days. Try to go to the grocery store and get fruits and veggies you can snack on. Try to stay away from junk food and unhealthy snacks as much as you can! Your body will most definitely thank you later. Also keep in mind that you might get hungry and get food at the rave. Most food at raves are so unhealthy and EVERYTHING is fried! But WOW IS IT SO SO GOOD! Balance out this festival food with your healthy food.
  5. Find Your Meeting Spot Before You Get To The Festival
    • When the festival map releases, send it to your rave family and pick a meeting spot in case someone or multiple people get lost. You can always do this at the festival but doing it before will save a lot of trouble and stress. Before your group separates, I would go to the meeting spot you guys chose so everyone knows how to get there.

Raving Tips for AFTER the rave:

  1. This one is similar to the first tip for BEFORE the rave but a little different. Take 5-HTP. DO NOT take this before the rave. If you are taking any substances, it can cause serotonin syndrome. Please do research on this before you take it. If you take any substance, wait at LEAST 24 hours afterwards. If you forget to take 5-HTP when you get back to your hotel or wherever you’re staying, don’t take it before you head to day 2.
  2. Put on a hydrating or charcoal face mask before you go to sleep!
    1. This goes for EVERYONE. You put your skin through a lot at raves! With makeup, dirt, constantly touching your face, etc. Most masks only take 10 minutes and is so worth it. Cleanse and detox your skin to prevent breakouts and keep your skin bright! I usually use sheet masks after day 1 and then detox and vitamin c masks after that
  3. Drink Pedialyte & Emerg-C
    • Stay hydrated and prevent yourself from getting sick by drinking both of these. Of course this won’t prevent everything but it will definitely help a lot. If you have b-12 or you’re able to get it, I would recommend taking this too since your energy levels might be low from all the dancing and partying that weekend!
  4. Eat Good Food!
    • Recover your body from that yummy but greasy festival food! Eat lots of fruit, veggies and food filled with protein. If you have another day raving or even two or THREE more days raving, I understand the struggle of not having time to eat anything or even have the feeling to eat when you get back to the hotel. If you’re feeling this way, try to at least eat a protein bar and snack on some fruit.
  5. Sit/Lay Down As Much As Possible
    • Of course you’re not going to be able to stay sitting the entire time your rave day ends, but try your best to rest when you can. After standing and moving that much for a long period of time, your body will recover faster when you let it rest.

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