Outfit Tips For Shows In The Winter (especially w/ NO coat check!)

Imagine this:

You’re on your way to a show, it’s freezing cold outside so you’re wearing your winter coat. You get inside the venue and it instantly feels like you’re in a SAUNA! You get past security and your first thought is “find the coat check. Where’s the coat check. Oh look there’s the bar! Okay wait, where’s the coat check?!” and … It is nowhere to be found! There is no coat check at all!

I’m saying this because I’ve experienced this way too much and the challenge of trying to stay warm until you get to the venue but also wear something that you won’t die of heat when you actually get there is a challenge.

These tips are especially inspired by this scenario. I wanted to give five outfit ideas/tips to keep you warm but still stay cute on your night outs.

  1. Wear A Pashmina Or Jersey
    • Pashminas are the easy way if you don’t want to bring some kind of bag. I only wear a jersey when I am bring my hydration pack or backpack so if I get too hot when I get inside, I can easily fold it and put it in my bag! A jersey folds a lot smaller than a jacket and trust me, it will keep you warm! Especially long sleeve jerseys!
  2. One Short, One Long Rule
    • I pretty much do this every time I go to a show, even if it’s not the winter time. I either wear long sleeve with shorts or pants with a crop top. You can get as creative as you can with this.
      • A couple ideas:
        • pants/joggers, a crop top, and throw a jersey on
        • fishnets, knee high socks. shorts, a long sleeve crop top with a pashmina
        • joggers with leggings underneath, a crop top and a jersey
        • oversized hoodie, cute statement belt, knee high socks paired with knee high boots
  3. Hand Warmers
    • This won’t keep you that warm but this helps so much! Hand warmers are just a small little add to help keep you warm
  4. Fluffy Jackets!
    • Sadly, I don’t own a fluffy jacket but you can never go wrong with adding a fluffy jacket to your outfit! I think these jackets are the cutest thing and with the range of colors and patterns that are now available, it’s a great add to any winter outfit
  5. Be Smart With The Layers
    • There are so many options with rave fashion now, it is so so beautiful! You can wear leggings, the cropped shrug tops, gloves/sleeves, scarves and many more! It may seem like a lot, but most of the fabric companies use for these pieces of clothing are thin. You will stay warm outside and inside and if you have to, you can take some of these layers off! I would say to wear some kind of bag or fanny pack with this look so you have somewhere to put these extra layers if needed.

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