Mistakes I Made At My First Camping Festival

Ahhh Wakaan Festival 2019, my very first camping festival. I want to share these mistakes I made that I honestly looked right past. I knew that people put these things on their ultimate festival camping lists but I didn’t know how necessary they actually were until I experienced this camping festival without these items. 

  1. I Didn’t Bring A Canopy
    • Oh, the one thing I regret the MOST. I didn’t know how important canopies were until I had to sit with the sun right on me with no privacy. Don’t get me wrong, my neighbors were wonderful at Wakaan Festival. They didn’t stare and gave us our privacy even though we were the only ones that didn’t have a canopy. If anything, they offered for my girlfriend and I to come sit under their canopy and come chill. Trust me, I wanted to but I’m so awkward and antisocial. I didn’t know how to say “okay!” and go over there. I wanted to get to know my neighbors more and step out of my comfort zone (like I always do but never succeed) but we just stayed sitting by ourselves in the hot sun.
    • Even if you can handle the sun and you’re not worried about not having your own privacy type curtain with your canopy and tapestries, I learned that it’s nice to separate your space from your neighbors. If you’ve ever camped at a festival before, you know that they squish you into between people as close as they can. When we were setting up our tent, our neighbor asked if they could put their tent a little bit on our side because they didn’t know how big it was until they set it up. Of course we let them because we didn’t have a canopy anyway so at first it looked like we were going to have a LOT of room leftover after setting everything up. WRONG! Their tent literally took up almost the entire space our canopy would have taken up if we had one. Let’s just say that getting in and out of our camping spot was a little rough and not what I had planned. Their tent blocked our way out of the left side and then our neighbor on our right put their shower right on our walkway. So yeah, you get the point. There was a lot of tripping on tent cords and gliding on my car just so we can get out and go back.
  2. Not Planning Food To Eat
    • We went to Walmart before we got to the festival to get things like juice, soda, snacks, sandwich stuff (oh and more snacks). We didn’t bring a stove, we didn’t bring any sort of table and we did not plan food AT ALL! Why didn’t it cross our minds that we are going to be at this camping festival for FOUR days and we’re going to be perfectly fine with the food we got? Our stomachs were so upset with us at the end of the festival because we had no choice but to live off the food truck food which was all greasy, fried, super unhealthy food. 
    • If you’re reading this because you’re getting ready for your first camping festival, PLEASE have a meal plan ready, bring a stove and table with you. Trust me,  it will make your experience so much better when you plan to eat fruits, veggies, protein, and whole foods. 
  3. Not Showering
    • Okay before you judge me…  yeah I have nothing to argue. PLEASE JUDGE ME! Wakaan Festival had showers so it was not their fault at all. I just got too caught up in the moment and convinced myself everyday that I didn’t need a shower or I just don’t have time to go take a shower. Of course you’re camping and you don’t need to take a shower everyday but after day 2, you start to feel gross and you have dirt and who knows what in your socks. My experience probably would have increased if I wasn’t so stubborn and I went to go take a shower. 
    • If you don’t want to take a shower at the festival itself, I would say to get the portable showers. Both of my neighbors had one and I wish we would have gotten one. Even just to change your clothes because changing into your rave fits or anything in general in a HOT, BOILING, SMALL tent is never fun. Our neighbor that we let them put their tent in our area offered us that we ever wanted to use their shower, we are more than welcome to which I thought was the sweetest thing. I bet you can guess though… I was too shy and awkward to ask if we could use it 😦 someone please teach me how to socialize!!
  4. Socialize And Make New Friends!
    • All this talk about being antisocial brings me to my next mistake. Remember that everyone is there for mostly the same reason. The music, vibes, and the experience. Take this from me, the most antisocial awkward human you will meet, talk to people and make new friends! I just made a video on 10 Items You Can Give People At Raves. This video is all about small little items that will make any ravers night and will help you strike up a conversation with people a lot easier! Even if you don’t have a problem with talking to people, these are just cute things you can still give people at raves. 
  5. A Tent Sun Reflector? What’s That?
    1. If I only knew what a sun reflector was, especially with no canopy… probably would have saved me from the heat. Even if you believe it’s not going to be that hot or you know you won’t be in the tent until you sleep, get a sun reflector! It will keep your tent way cooler and will also help you sleep longer in the morning when the sun comes out. I get hot very fast. I overheated very easily which SUCKS and I did not come prepared for that at all.

There were many things I could have done differently but I’m actually kind of happy I made these mistakes. Yeah, because of these mistakes I made the camping trip was slightly difficult but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. I feel like if I didn’t make all these mistakes, I wouldn’t know how much they’re going to truly help me in the future. My next camping festival is Wakaan Festival again! Before I go on this trip, I will definitely post my ultimate camping list!

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