Meal Prep For A 3 Day Rave (Healthy, Easy & Cheap)

Let’s get right into it because I can’t contain the excitement of this healthy, easy & cheap hotel meal prep for a rave! I’ve never been that great with meal preps in general but I have been doing more research on meal prepping, and I believe it’s been helping me a lot!

Meal prepping is so important when you’re going to rave, whether you’re staying at a hotel or you’re camping. With how much energy you put into festivals, you have to make sure you take care of your body by eating healthy meals/snacks while also staying hydrated. Oh and let’s not forget that we also have to prevent our self from getting sick!

Doing all of this within the time frame you have always feel like some type of grocery shopping marathon. That’s why most people automatically resort to fast food and unhealthy snacks from the store.

I didn’t add any dinner options in this blog post!* I focused on breakfast, lunch and drinks! I will be making a separate blog post for dinner ideas because in most cases, you’ll already be at the rave or on your way during dinner time.


We all know the saying! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The biggest thing i’ll recommend is to try and get a hotel with breakfast included. You’ll save a lot of money and time by having this option. The bad thing about this is that breakfast at hotels stop at a certain time. This only works if you know you wont get back to the hotel until the morning anyway or you’re willing to wake up, pack up some food in your own to go container (yay! save the planet!) and put it in your fridge to eat later!

  1. Peanut Butter Energy Balls
    • I found this really easy recipe on Pinterest that is only five ingredients and there’s no cooking required. Perfect for snacking too!
    • You do have to mix the ingredients together so don’t forget to get some kind of bowl and a spoon. One tip I have is to not be afraid to use your hands with this one! It will mix a lot better and the taste will be more blended together than just using a spoon.
  2. Breakfast Sundaes!
    • What do you mean you didn’t know you could have a sundae for breakfast? Just put together some yogurt, granola, banana slices (and/or other fruit of your choice), and then put some agave or honey over that!
  • Quick Breakfast Ideas (little to no prep)
    1. Granola & Yogurt
    2. Pre Made Hard Boiled Eggs
    3. Cereal Bars
    4. Bowl of Fruit
    5. Rice Cakes w/ Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips


  1. Wraps
    • I’m Pescatarian so most of these meals are going to be based around that**
    • These wraps can be made exactly like buddha bowls but a more simple version
      • Ideas: Hummus, lettuce, vegan ham, tahini sauce, rice, avocado
  2. Tuna Sandwich
    1. Super easy but does require a bowl and spoon! Or use that extra solo cup you have!
      1. Mix a can of tuna (make sure you get the bag or a can with a tab or you’ll need a can opener), pickles or relish if you don’t want to cut up pickles, and mayo
      2. Put all that together with bread and enjoy!
  3. Cold Buddha Bowl
    1. All things can be found in a can, you just need a bowl and possibly a can opener
      • You can be creative with this even with no cooking involved but the basics are: A can of black beans, a can of corn, salsa, tortilla chips, avocado, some leafy greens (spinach or kale).
      • Yummy nutrient packed add ons could be: rice, tofu, sweet potato, chickpeas, cheese

Easy Snack Ideas:

  • PB & J Sandwich! Classic!
  • Protein Bar w/ Dried Fruit
  • Hummus & Veggies
  • Sandwich made with Avocado, Tomato & Vegan Mayo (or Regular Mayo)

Extra Snack Ideas (because you can never go wrong with too many snacks)

  1. Pre-Made Salads
    • The most popular ones are the bowls or the pre made bags. My favorite is the pre made Ceasar salad and it’s about $3.
    • Whole Foods, Sprouts & other specific grocery stores have salad bars where you can create a huge salad with fruits, veggies and sides. The price will range between $10-$15. I have only gotten a salad from both of these stores a couple of times but I believe the price is per pound.
  2. Snack Boxes
    • You can put your own touch/preference on these but these boxes are just to make sure you get your five key nutrients. Below are some examples you can use to ensure your box contains all five nutrients:
      • Protein – Edamame, jerky (there’s also many options for vegan jerky), boiled eggs, cottage cheese, hummus, trail mix, protein bar
      • Fat – Avocado, cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate, biscuits/pastries
      • Carbs – Banana, sweet potato, beetroot, oranges, pretzels, rice cakes
      • Vitamins – Carrots, spinach, asparagus, peppers, lentils, strawberries, butternut squash
      • Minerals – Nuts, mushrooms, citrus fruit, kale, whole wheat bread, fish


  1. Before we get into fun chasers, let’s do the healthy drinks first!
    • My NECESSARY Drinks: Pedialyte, Water/LaCroix, juices (my favorite is the cranberry pineapple juice), and tea
  2. My favorite pre PRE game drinks and chasers!
    • Pedialyte!
      • This may sound weird to some people but ravers know that Pedialyte is a NECESSITY in our life! Why not use this drink for your chaser!
    • Pre PRE Game!
      • The start of the day! The start of the partying! You’re not ready for shots yet but it’s time to start pre pregaming.
        • Everyone does this differently but my favorites are wine coolers like: White Claw, Smirnoff Ice, Twisted Tea, Dos Equis, Mike’s Hard (can’t forget the classic!)
  3. Bonus – Juices
    • If you have the time, find a coffee shop or some type of store that makes juices or has juices. This way you can cleanse your body and you make sure you get your veggies in. You can get enough for all three days or whatever you prefer.

Keep yourself healthy and energized on a budget. These are all fast, easy and doesn’t take much time. If you find this post helpful, become a Patron to unlock more secret tips & tricks for raves!

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