An Update On Postponed/Cancelled Shows

Due to COVID-19, a lot of events and shows have either been cancelled or postponed.

I wanted to make this post with every festival and shows that have been moved to another date or is cancelled. If I missed any, which I probably have because all of these announcements have been overwhelming and is hard to keep up with. Please comment them under this post so everyone can see the updates they might have missed.

I’ll update this list with your comments once a week until the end of March or longer if needed.

  • Subtronics (Cyclops Invasion Tour) has been cancelled
  • Beyond SoCal has been moved to June 19th & 20th
  • Arezzona has been moved to July 11th
  • BUKU has been moved to Labor Day weekend
  • Coachella has been postponed until October
  • Ultra has been postponed until 2021
  • Tomorrowland Winter has been cancelled
  • Pheonix Lights has been postponed (has not released the new date)
  • Kayzo has cancelled his upcoming spring tour
  • Miami Music Week has been cancelled
  • Get Lucky has been cancelled
  • Deja Voom has been cancelled
  • Excision has cancelled the rest of the Evolution Tour
  • Liquid Stranger has cancelled the rest of the Ascension Tour

If you have a long list that you would like to add to this list right away, message me on Instagram and I will add them right away! Thank you for helping me keep everyone updated on all events that have been cancelled or postponed. Everyone stay healthy out there and if you can, support your artists that are going through a lot right now. Remember that these artists have tried everything they can to keep this going but it is completely out of their control.

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