Electric Daisy Carnival Hacks

EDC is the biggest festival in North America! Ravers that have gone to EDC for multiple years have said that every time they go, they see something new and discover something beautiful within themselves or something that was in the festival (or both!). You can go to EDC for five years and still miss so many things that you have never seen before. Fun fact – headliners over 94 countries attend EDC Las Vegas every year! Just like many festivals, we could always use some festival hacks that could make our experience unique for so many reasons!

  • Making Time For Art & Rides
    • I’ve been hearing for years that the top of the ferris wheel is the best view overlooking the speedway and an experience you will never forget. When I went to EDC Las Vegas 2018, I couldn’t even find the rides. I also did EDC completely wrong and experienced little to nothing that Electric Daisy Carnival has to offer. There is so much art to see and rides to check out. Even if you don’t plan on going on any rides, walk around and see what hidden treasures you’ll be able to see. They are 20+ full sized carnival rides at EDC!
      • As the EDC Las Vegas website says “What’s a carnival without rides?”
  • Stretching Before & After
    • Stretching is more important than keeping you strong & healthy. It improves health, reduces pain, reduces risk of injury and minimizes wear and tear. Your muscles will thank you!
  • Bring Different Packs Of Gum (Fruity & Minty)
    • I always bring a crazy amount of gum to festivals so I can share with everyone but it never occurred to me that I can bring different types of gum!
      • Bring multiple flavors and when you hand out pieces of gum, ask if they prefer fruity or minty!
  • Go To The Medical Tent For Ice
    • I overheat easily so I’m excited to try this one out! If you go to the medical tent and ask them for ice, they will most likely give it to you. You can also go to vendors or the people walking around selling drinks and ask if you can give them a couple dollars to put ice in your hydration pack.
  • Bring A Small Phone Tripod
    • If you like to capture memories and costantly find your self pulling out your phone to take pictures or videos, think about investing in a phone tripod! You can find many options on Amazon for under $20! With a tripod, you can hold the handle way easier than holding your phone everywhere.
    • Bonus points if you get a tripod like this where you can bend and fold it where you can stick it anywhere and easily capture so many memories with your entire rave family and other ravers!
  • Bringing An Inflatable Pillow
    • You know those pillows that you can bring camping and you can just blow them up when you need them? Yeah I’m thinking about being extra this festival season and putting one of those in my hydration pack. Laying down on the grass, listening to the music and vibe out ALL while having an inflatable pillow? I think YES!
      • I found this one on Amazon for only $13!
  • Put Emerg-C In Your Lemonade!
    • Get one of the famous EDC lemonades and put an emerg-c packet in there! Take care of yourself while enjoying some of the yummy lemonade!
    • I will say that in my opinion, Emerg-C doesn’t taste the best so if you don’t like the taste that much, I would drink the Emerg-c separately before the festival or after.
  • Get Your Merch First Thing
    • When you first get into EDC, there should be three things you should always do before going out to explore or dance. Fill up your hydration pack, go to the bathroom and go to the merch tables to get the things you want! Exclusive gear sells out insanely fast! If you’re not able to carry everything around all night, get a locker for the entire weekend!
      • “Each locker measures approximately 8″ high, 12″ wide, and 18″ deep—plenty of space for backpacks or purses.”

I can’t wait to try these hacks out at EDC! This will be my first rave of festival season and I’m excited to try all of these hacks with you guys! If you guys would like to reminisce with me, I just uploaded my EDC Las Vegas 2018 vlog on my YouTube Channel! I’m constantly thinking back on those days and I am still so happy that I was able to experience it.

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