Rave Themed Gift Basket w/ 10 Items!

Are you the type to DIY gifts when it comes to gift giving? Especially to your rave friends and fam? Almost every one of my gifts that I give to someone is some kind of DIY project that includes a little extra love. Some projects I’ve made include scavenger hunts, a “five senses box”, and floating photos with balloons. But my favorite and easiest DIY gift is what we’re talking about today: gift baskets!

This rave themed gift basket has 10 items and is the perfect gift for birthdays, a holiday or just a random gift to someone! There are so many ways to make this your own and be as creative as you want! 

  • 2. Car Decal Sticker
    • These are cheap, small and are the cutest edition to any rave themed gift. Support small shops and look at car decals on Etsy. I got this Subtronics car decal for only $3.95 and I was able to choose any color I wanted!
  • 3. Merch
    • This can be anything you believe the person would like. Artists make a range of products like shirts, hats, blankets, sweatpants, face masks, etc.
    • Buying merch also supports the artist which is a win – win situation!
  • 4. Small fan (or regular sized fan)
    • If you’re on a budget, you can get very cute small fans for under $5. If you want to get them a regular sized fan, they are not that more expensive than small fans and the regular sized fans have cool and unique designs to them! You can find these for under $20!
  • 5. Kandi!!
    • Make some Kandi for the person you’re giving this gift basket to and put them in the basket! This can get very creative and you can make as many as you would like! There’s a range of things you can make like bracelets, necklaces, cuffs and perlers.
  • 6. Bass Laces Keychain
    • If you have never seen or owned a Bass Laces keychain, you’re missing out! These keychains light up and continuously change colors! They have an amazing selection of artists or designs to choose from. They also have shoe laces and crystal balls and more custom engraved options to choose from!
      1. Use code ‘ravemom10’ at checkout to save 10% off your next purchase!
  • 7. Diffraction Glasses
    • Oh the amazing illusion to look through diffraction glasses! These are amazing gifts for anyone! Even just a single pair of glasses will change someone’s rave day forever! I will always recommend GloFx for any diffraction glasses you’re looking for!
      • Use code ‘centeredflow’ to save on your next purchase!
  • 8. Tapestries
    • There are so many options to choose from for very cheap! You don’t need to get a huge tapestry, get a mini tapestry! You could also get a flag. This is my favorite Liquid Stranger flag I wanted to show you as an example-
  • 9. Unopened Necessities
    • Vicks, Boom Boom, chapstick, travel tissue, sanitizing wipes, etc! We all need an extra stash of these necessities. Be sure it’s not opened though so security doesn’t take it away if they choose to bring it to their next event.

  • 10. Glitter/Makeup/Colored Extensions
    • More necessities you can never have enough of! Especially with a gift basket, these can be an amazing add! Other great ideas are: face jewels, fishnets, pasties, chokers/necklaces, etc!
  • BONUS: Hydration Pack or Fanny Pack!
    • I kept this one for last because this could be more on the pricey side depending on what you get. A hydration pack is an amazing idea because you can use it as the basket! Just put everything inside the hydration pack that’s included in this themed gift basket!
    • Fanny packs are cheaper but don’t hold as much as a hydration pack. Again, it all depends on your preference and what you believe would fit best!

I wanted to add one more list on here for you guys! These things aren’t EDM themed but would be a cute add to these gifts and especially making a themed basket:

  • A soft fluffy blanket!
  • Harem Pants
  • Candle
  • Shoes
  • Candy
  • Crystals
  • Tarot Cards
  • Incense
  • Phone case
  • A new plant friend!

Of course there are a lot of different ways you could do this. I hope the gift basket I made inspired you to create the perfect gift for your friends and family!

If you make a rave themed gift basket inspired by this one, be sure to tag me on Instagram! I would love to see the creation you guys come up with! 🙂


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