How To Plan Matching Themed Outfits

Whether you’re planning to match with your partner, your rave fam or even just trying to match with your bestie, it can get a little stressful! Planning outfits to match in general is already tough. Trying to find cute matching outfits for ravers can get difficult and time consuming!

These tips will help you find some creativity and inspiration when trying to find themed outfits with someone or multiple people. These tips are going to be focused on not completely matching. It’s all about keeping the same theme together but still being able to put your own festival touch on it.

  • Alternate colors
    • This one is fun and you still get your matching outfits! Say someone is wearing a pink top and black bottoms? The other person could wear a black top and pink bottoms!

  • Match bottoms and wear a different top
    • There are so many options where you can wear the same pants (whether they’re the same length or not) and still be matching!
    • A great example for this would be Peridot Clothing. They have cheeky rave bottoms and leggings that are the same pattern!

Here is an example:

  • Go with the matching bodysuit
    • You could both be wearing a matching bodysuit and then the rest, you can put your own touch on it
Inspo from the two queens Erika & Frida –

  • Be completely matching but with different colors/patterns
    • With this way, you both could be wearing a sheer skirt, bodysuit, body harness, choker, and a pashmina (and whatever else you prefer) but try and choose items that have different colors to choose from. This way you can wear the same things but the colors you like more!
  • T shirts or matching colors? There are so many shops that can make custom t-shirts for you and your entire rave fam where you could all be matching with the same exact shirt or you can put something that is special to you on your shirt.
    • If t shirts aren’t your style, go with a certain color scheme!
    • Example: Black bottoms, red shirt, your preferred color pashmina and white shoes

  • Focus on merch!
    • A great way to support artists is to buy their merch! Most artists have a range of options to choose from and you guys could pick whatever one you like more! You can either wear one artist or multiple artists! 
    • This is great for when you’re on a budget as well! You don’t have to get the most expensive item on the shop, you can get a face mask or go on Etsy and many small businesses make beautiful artist clothing to choose from.

Make sure you go on Instagram to get some true inspiration from all the rave angels out there! I’m always amazed by the things people come up with. Ravers are so talented and creative! Matching with someone at a rave doesn’t have to be challenging, it’s all about figuring out colors/patterns and what you’re going to focus on the most so you can have a matching outfit! You can use these tips whichever way you would like, just be creative and figure out what works best for you!

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