Fun And Creative Festival Drink Recipes

These five drinks are fun and creative that you can make all from your campsite with your rave family!

First off, I was going to make these drinks so I can show the process and the end result. Due to Covid-19, I am honestly terrified of going outside right now. I drove about 30 minutes to get food and back home the other day and I was in tears by the time I got home. Everything and everyone is so different now, it’s something that I have never experienced before. I keep telling myself that everything will be okay and things will go back to normal one day. Of course I know this is true but the way the world looks right now is slightly frightening and feels unreal. 

The point I’m trying to get at is that I am trying to not go outside as much as possible so because of this, I was not able to get the ingredients for these drinks. I will be making a YouTube video next month on actually making these drinks! Once I filmed this video, I will edit this blog post and add pictures! 

These drinks will put a sparkle in your rave family’s eyes when you guys make these together! These are all easy and 100% possible at camping festivals! Even though these are aimed more towards camping festivals drinks, you can always make these at home or your hotel as well!

  1. Power To The Pedialyte
    1. A drink with pedialyte? Count me in! 
      • Ingredients:
        1. Pedialyte (flavor of your choice)
        2. Vodka (of your choice)
        3. Lime or Lemon (again, depends on your preference and what flavor you chose but I will always choose limes!)
        4. Limeade or Lemonade
        5. Salt
      • In an empty jug – Pour the Pedialyte, a bottle of vodka, half a bottle of your choice of juice (limeade or lemonade), squeeze two lemons or limes and shake it all together!
      • Take two paper plates – Squeeze one lemon or lime on one and then pour the salt on the other
      • Round your solo cup with the juice and salt
      • Pour your drink, add some ice and enjoy!!
      • I wouldn’t recommend putting any ice in the jug because your drink will get watered down. Just put ice in your glass when you pour it!
        • I love this recipe because you can really create it to your preference! *For my recipe, I used limeade and limes*
  2. Krazy Kola (or Kalimotxo)
    • This one is very simple and so yummy! You wouldn’t know how crazy this tastes until you try it!
      • Ingredients:
        1. Red Wine
        2. Coca Cola (instantly thinks of Cola by Camelphat and takes a quick dance break)
          • In your cup, pour half red wine and half coca cola! That’s it, enjoy!
  3. Jungle Juice
    • A classic but the taste will never get old!
      • Ingredients:
        1. Bottle of vodka
        2. Bottle of Rum
        3. Lemonade
        4. Mixed Fruit Juice or Orange Juice
        5. Fruit Punch
        6. Optional: sliced fruit (strawberries, oranges, lemons, raspberries, etc)
          • Pour all of these ingredients together, mix and serve!

I wanted to add a short list of Amazon must haves that will make your drinks better or more creative! These are just random things I found on Amazon that I have always wanted to bring to raves to spice your drinks up a bit!

  • Glow In The Dark Party Cups
    •  These cups are solo party cup style that light up! They stay lit for 8-12 hours and this set includes seven different colors!

  • Drink Holder Stakes
    • I have never seen these before until I got lost in the hole of weird Amazon products. This is most definitely on my list for the next camping festival.

  • Inflatable Drink Holder
    • Even if you don’t plan on attending a pool party, these are a fun way to tell the difference between everyone’s drinks so they don’t get mixed up!
  • Beverage Dispenser
    • Make it easy on yourself and get a beverage dispenser for your drinks you made from this post! If you want to get a different dispenser or you already have one, try to use one with an infuser! This way you can add ice packs in the infuser area to keep your drink cold! With ice packs, you won’t make your drink watered down!

  • Plastic Spoon Straws
    • Even though I will always say that metal straws are the way to go, these are handy for being able to mix your drink and have a straw all in one!

With so many drink recipes readily available all over the internet, it could be hard to find recipes that don’t require all of these mixing kits and 20 ingredients. Even if we’re at a rave or at our hotel, we still want fun and creative drink recipes that we can drink with everyone!

Drink recipes that are easy, cheap and can also be used with these products can be a great bonding experience as well! Drinking together already brings people together but being able to make a recipe together for a rave and using fun, creative products just puts icing on the cake!

Once I go to the grocery store again, be on the lookout for a video of me making these drinks and updating this post with pictures! Hopefully I will be able to try these products at my next rave or camping festival adventure! Fingers crossed my next camping festival will be Lost Lands b2b Wakaan Festival!

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