10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge

I watch Youtube more than TV and I am constantly looking for new Youtubers to watch! Specifically, I’m always looking for festival content creators because that is my favorite content to watch. My second favorite is fantasizing about Van life and studying how to run away and live at festivals with my pets. Of course I’m joking, please don’t bring your pets to festivals! The van life though will forever be a dream.

During this quarantine, we’re looking for new things to watch and new people to follow on social media. This post is of course focused on their channels but if you subscribe to them, follow them on their other social media! Here are ten youtubers that is so worth binging!

*Under each photo I will link their Instagram!*

  • 1. Erika And Frida
    • My favorite channel of all time! I love how real they are and always stick to what they believe in! They are so inspirational and make me laugh with every video!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video: 100% no doubt, their rave vlogs!
  • 2. Emma Kapotes
    • Fun fact- Emma got me into festival content creators and is the reason I started “Centered Flow”! She works hard for everything she has. She always shares constant information and the latest news.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I love her festival guides! Whether it’s prepping before a rave, a guide to a festival, I always leave her videos with new info and so many useful things that I can now use in my future rave experiences!

  • 3. SierraSmiles
    • I found SierraSmiles through Olivia Cara‘s channel from one of her rave vlogs. She has such a beautiful energy towards her and you can tell she is so strong.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I can watch her story times & rave vlogs over and over!

  • 4. Vibe with Ade
    • What a queen Vibe With Ade is! I look up to her a lot when making my festival content creation. I have followed her since I started raving and I’m so proud of the progress she has done and the confidence she has!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – Her get rave ready with me videos. She makes me feel like we’re just hanging out together! I can’t wait to meet her at a rave one day.

  • 5. Tara O’Neill
    • No words for this beautiful soul! All I have to say is GOALS GOALS GOALS! Queen of fashion, festival icon and amazing vlogger!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I’m obsessed with her rave vlogs but her inspired outfit videos are so creative and binge watch worthy.

  • 6. Becca Grace Original
    • This girl is a must watch and I’ve already binge watched all her videos! She is growing so fast and is very passionate about the rave community. Her content is so creative and well thought out.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – It’s hard to pick just one so let me say a couple! My favorites are her vlogs, lineup reveals and what I’m wearing videos!

  • 7. kerryohkey
    • A small Youtuber that should have way more subscribers than she has! She has been consistent with her content. From her content in general to the thumbnail and her intro, she always has me intrigued with every upload.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I love her EDC content!

  • 8. Bebe Howell
    • I relate to Bebe Howell so much. She speaks the truth and has fun with the videos she uploads. I have watched all her rave vlogs, I love the way she edits them.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I would check out her favorite song videos but don’t forget to binge everything else!

  • 9. Rave Hackers
    • I found this channel because of Vibe with Ade and I am so happy that I did. She has real rave hacks and information about festivals I have never heard of until I watched her videos. You can tell that she is going to be very successful and she just started uploading on YouTube about a year ago (If she did not delete previous videos, I’m basing this off of her current channel). Go Subscribe and get her to 300 subs!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I don’t have many to go off of but I found Rave Hackers from their “Raving 101” video!

  • 10. Stephanie Klotz
    • She does not upload much but she is a natural with a camera! I found her recently when her Okeechobee vlog popped up on my home page.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – Watch her vlogs, you won’t regret watching the beautiful energy she puts out.

During this quarantine and other times when we want to binge watch Youtube videos,we’re always looking for someone new to watch. With raves being postponed and festivals not currently happening, it’s a good feeling to watch rave vlogs, grwm videos and any festival content in general.

Now the time has come where I have to give myself a shameless self promo! Go subscribe to my YouTube channel where I mainly make festival content!


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