Party Themes To Host (5 Ideas)

Have you ever wanted friends/family to come over but wanted to host a themed party? I am the definition of an over achiever, Pinterest living, over the top human. I have done some of these party themes and even though you feel like the most extra person ever, depending how much you do for this party, it is a lot of fun!

This isn’t really rave related but I thought it would be a fun post to make. Speaking of not being rave related, let me know if you like when I do blog posts that aren’t related to the community! There will be a survery at the end of this blog post, I would love if you had some time to take it to help me improve this blog and what I write for you!

Here are five party themes that you can host and doesn’t take that much effort.

  • 1. Ice Cream Sundae Party
    • I would say that this one is very common actually. You get a bunch of toppings, different ice cream and everyone makes a bunch of sundaes!
    • I will say that this isn’t that much of a party. Maybe something really fun to add after that pizza and tv binge watch marathon! It’s a great add to make things a little more interesting. You can get pretty creative with this too!
  • 2. Epic Nerf Battle Party
    • This party theme has been on my list for awhile now! Now if you live in an apartment and don’t have much space, I would recommend going to a park, renting an Airbnb, or going to a friend’s house. You just need an open space that’s more than just a 500 sq ft box.
    • This one takes some time to set up and extra money than most if you don’t already have these items such as nerf guns and nerf bullets. But if everyone pitches in, it’s not that bad. I would say for everyone to go to the store and get their own nerf gun and a pack or two of nerf bullets.
    • Some tips to make this more creative: Use a cup or bucket, whatever you have so you can place bullets in random places. This way people can run to them and hide while being able to reload on bullets!
      • Whether it’s outside or in the house (more furniture to work this as barriers), make forts or places to hide behind. This will give the feel of actually being in a battle!
  • 3. Breakfast Party
    • This theme is like the first one I mentioned but, well, breakfast themed!
    • Have everyone come over in their pajamas and have a breakfast themed party (which doesn’t have to be in the morning of course!).
    • You can have things such as a waffle bar, fruit stand, a bunch of toppings, etc
      • And don’t forget the mimosas!
  • 4. Rave Themed Party (or Costume Party)
    • This party will be best when there is a live stream going on or you create a lineup yourself! If there is a live stream occurring, you can easily put that on and have a mini rave. You can also stack up some sets and create a playlist on YouTube. This way you can just start your playlist and you just created your own lineup to last all night long!
    • Do you want to be extra? Which is SUCH a good idea might I add!
      • Turn on all your trippy lights, turn on your diffuser, light a candle, bring out the Kandi and flow toys.
      • Put signs all over your home and make it feel more like a festival. You can put “water station” by your water, “DayDream Stage” and it’s your “second” stage which is actually your bedroom, and “Rave Bar” on your kitchen counter with alcohol, chasers, cups, and shot glasses! You can get very creative and cheesy with this.
  • 5. Thrift Party
    • This party is fun because you get to hang out with your friends before you party and chill for the rest of the night! Go to a thrift shop and everyone has to find an outfit to wear!
      • You can make this a challenge and have it timed or you can only spend $20! This creative part is all up to you!

I’ve never been that great at hosting parties. I’ll invite people over but don’t really have a plan and then we end up just watching TV and ordering pizza. Which don’t get me wrong, you can never go wrong with doing this but sometimes I want to do something more creative and more memorable. Even if it is as simple as the breakfast bar or ice cream sundae bar, it will be more fun than you think and you can never go wrong with food!

Remember that creativity is key with these themes. Put your own touch on it or make it some kind of potluck where everyone brings one thing or multiple things to really bring this party together.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, here is a survey I would love for you to fill out if you have the time! I love the way this blog has been going and I’m ready to take the next step in improving my platforms!

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