Raving smarter DURING a festival

Raving smarter. Raving healthy and smart. Everybody is going to tell you the normal things. Drink water, take emerg-c, eat healthy, etc but there’s more than that. There’s many things that you can do DURING a festival that will definitely help you in the long run. I have a post here for raving smarter BEFORE and AFTER a rave. You can go into the rave with just a lighter, pack of gum and your phone in a hydration pack but I like to do extra things to ensure I still feel good before, after and even during the festival while you’re dancing and spreading good vibes all night long.

  1. Wear Earplugs
    • I’m only about 2 years in with raving but my ears are already ringing LIKE CRAZY. Especially when I go to smaller venues, once I get home my ears hurt for sometimes two days!
    • I have yet to grab a good pair of my own but there are so many businesses that have earplugs you will love! 
  1. FREE ICE!
    • Ask a vendor such as a bar or food truck/stand and ask if you can buy some ice for your hydration pack. You can ask if you can give them a couple dollars to get some ice in your water. You might even get some ice for free! This is a GAME CHANGER for a rave in the summer but I would say only do this once or twice. If you do this more than once, try going to a different vendor.
  1. Travel Tissue
    • As we all know, the porta potties run out of toilet paper FAST and that will never be fun. You can use travel tissue for porta potties, napkins, and much more like using them for tears you’re going to have from the beautiful music and amazing memories we get to experience at raves. *cries because I miss festivals so much and I can’t wait until they come back!*
  1. Spread The Love
    • Raving feels like a marathon and you can’t convince me otherwise. It takes a lot of learning and preparing to ensure your rave experience is perfect for you and your friends!
    • Spread the love and give people back rubs, share some vicks, give people some gum, offer a light show but get them comfy and have them lay down! 
  1. Go The Extra Mile, Bring A Blanket!
    • This is especially towards the people that like to stay in the back and create a spot where you set up a blanket and stay in that spot for a couple hours.
    • I am the type of raver that likes to do this and create my own little square or circle with a pashmina or blanket and stay there to dance for hours!

Aside from all of the rave tips and tricks, there is something you should always remember! If you feel like something is pulling you towards another direction, listen to that intuition! Say for example you just finished a set and you get this feeling that it’s a good time to walk around and explore more of what the festival has to offer. Listen to your heart and follow the adventure and path you were meant to go on! A big mistake a lot of people do, me included, is get too caught up in the music and don’t explore to see all the hidden and beautiful art that is around you!

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