Shhh … five MUST Know rave secrets

Rave secrets are another way to say advanced rave tricks that most people don’t know they could do! Not only are you going to help yourself but also so many others after you learn these MUST know rave secrets.

I have been gathering so many rave tips & tricks, hacks and rave “secrets” since quarantine. I feel like I could write a book filled with all of the things I have researched these past couple months. On the bright side, when festivals do come back we are going to be so prepared and ready to dance all night!

I was actually thinking about it the other day and maybe most of you have been having this thought too. When events do come back, I feel like the entire rave community and festivals as a whole is going to change. Everyone has learned just how valuable raves are and how we will NEVER take them for granted ever again. It’s also been a confusing time because I’ve always been super grateful for all of the shows and festivals I have been able to go to and experience. I just know that my thoughts have changed. Music means everything to me and raves is what keeps me going and what I always look forward to in life. Going to shows and raves was my hobby and what got me (an introvert) out of the house. I didn’t realize how much I leaned on attending events and going to at least one show a month because it kept my mood uplifted and honestly kept me motivated as well. So that said, this has changed me as a person but it’s actually in a positive way!

I have a new kind of love towards music and this community as a whole. I can’t wait until we can dance together again and rave! Ever since the news of Wakaan Festival being cancelled this year, that put me really down and I’ve been stuck in some kind of “Rave Rut”?

I’m always excited to try new things at festivals and different ways we can make the experience feel like luxury with just a few rave secrets and learning easy tips & tricks for Before, During & After A Rave! Here are five must know rave secrets!

  • 1. We have all heard of putting essential oils on your face mask or wrists but try putting essential oil on your hand fan!  Not only will you get a colder breeze, it will smell good too!
    • If possible, put the oil on everything before you go through security because I have heard multiple times that they will take the oil bottles away.
    • Some essential oils I highly recommend are: Eucalyptus with a little bit of tea tree oil, Rosemary and Peppermint.
  • 2. If you overheat easily, get a cooling towel! There is a product called Dapper Rags that are specifically made to keep ravers cool.

  • 3. If you like giving people things at raves, bring a couple “porta potty gift bags”. Sounds funny but you will make so many people happy with this one, including yourself of course. Put together a small snack sandwich bag:
    • A couple notes I have about these bags: If you want to use a plastic bag or an Eco friendly bag, pick something clear to make it easier for you when you go through security.
    • I also love how many entrepreneurs there are in the rave community and there is a lot of people with small businesses – put your business card in there and/or a special gift that promotes you!
  • A pack of travel tissue
  • One single sanitizing wipe
  • One toilet seat cover (you can get these at fast food places, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Just fold them up) 
  • A lollipop
  • Gum (use the small 5 piece pack of gum)
  • A piece of kandi! If you want to get really creative, make it with a lava bead charm or multiple beads and put essential oil on it!

  • 4. If you’re not super hungry but you still want to eat something fast AND healthy? Find a smoothie stand and ask if you can buy a banana from them for a dollar! Most of the time they won’t say no and you still get your fruit in!
    • If bananas aren’t your thing and you want something different, you can do this with most of the vendors.
    • Here are a couple examples I can think of right now:
      • There was a vendor at Wakaan Festival who made french toast in the morning and put topping on it like strawberries and whip cream! You can ask if you can just have a bowl of strawberries for a couple dollars!
      • Other vendors might make smoothies where they might have a bunch of frozen fruit they can give you!

  • 5. Put your packs of gum in a sandwich bag and put the bag under your hydration pack where the water goes into. Trust me, the cold gum is going to CHANGE your rave life!
    • You can use a different bag as long as it seals or no bag at all if that is what you prefer. The bag is just to prevent the gum packaging to get wet from the condensation.

Rave secrets are my all time favorite to research and dig into. I feel like a FBI Agent: Rave Edition. *insert cool sunglasses guy emoji*

I can’t wait to try these at the next festival I will be going to! The porta potty gift bags are going to be a must add to a future giveaway!

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