Things I like to do at raves to spread positivity

  • 1. Dancing!

I looove to dance! Whether I am at a rave, at home or in my car, I always catch myself filled with happiness when I start dancing. Especially at raves, I personally love watching people dance from stage to stage or of course at a stage just dancing the night away!

You don’t have to be an amazing dancer to let loose and have fun! Your energy does affect your surrounding and when you just let go, others will feel more comfortable to do as well!

Have you ever noticed that if you start dancing all silly and letting go, the people your surrounded by will start to dance more crazy too! It is such an amazing feeling and a great way to make friends!

  • 2. Sharing Fun Toys Or Candy!
    • This is another great way to make friends or even just to put a smile on someones face! Sharing things at festivals is my all time favorite because I can truly feel the happy energy radiating off of everyone.
    • I have this YouTube video where I share 10 items that you can give people at raves! All of these items you can find for very cheap on Wish or Amazon.
  • 3. Share Some Vicks And Cool People Down!
    • Get vicks that you’re able to share and put on someone’s neck/shoulders. Bring extra travel tissue so you can use one for each person. Make sure you ask them if it’s okay that you do this before you actually do it so you know they’re comfortable with it. This isn’t something you do to strangers, stick to your rave family for this one! Spread the vicks, take your fan and fan them with the vicks on! It feels AMAZING and is such a beautiful thing to share!
  • 4. Keep a couple mini water bottles in your hydration pack!
    • Keep the germs to a minimum but also be able to keep people hydrated. You’re going to need to go in with the bottles empty but you can fill them when you get to the water refill stations! When someone needs water or asks you for some, just give them a mini water bottle for them to have.
    • If you want, put a piece of Kandi on the water bottle so they have a little extra gift that’s included with the water!
  • 5. Flow Toys!
    • When you flow, you will see many smiles pass you by and it warms your heart. Have you ever walked past a flow artist and smile, sometimes stop and admire the beauty of the flow?
      • If you find someone watching you or you make a friend at the festival, ask if they would like to try it. I tried an orbit for the first time at Wakaan Festival and it inspired me to get one of my own!

Without much thought, you are always spreading positivity at raves. For most of us, festivals are our getaway of the outside world. The feeling is indescribable when you go to a festival.

From the moment you walk in, you have that amazing feeling of finally being home. Being with the people that get you the most. You’re all there sharing something we can agree on, something that we’re passionate about and will constantly spread love throughout all energies you will be meeting every time you go to a festival. I would love to do a part two to this blog post sometime in the future!

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