Rave Outfit Inspiration

I wanted to give five rave outfit inspo from only what I have in my rave closet. I haven’t bought any new rave clothes since February of this year! I wanted give myself a challenge and also get creative with what I already have to create five rave looks that I LOVE!

If I’m able to link any products/clothing I show on this blog post, I will! My rave closet isn’t that big. All of my clothes fit in this broken tote bin I have so it’s always fun putting together pieces of clothing I’ve already worn but in a different way!

  • 1. Jersey Look
    • The “jersey look” has become one of my favorite rave outfits ever since HiJinx 2019! It’s simple but with a staple piece like my Subtronics bright orange jersey, the possiblities are endless.
  • 2. Goddess Vibes Look
    • My favorite look I made doing all of these outfit inspirations!
      • Shawl (Pashmina) – Rythmatix on Etsy
      • Bracelet – Target (I got it a couple years ago)
      • Choker – A pack of chokers from Target (I also got this awhile ago but they always have chokers available)
      • Chain Body Harness – My Etsy Shop!
      • Red Velvet Top – You guessed it, Target!
      • Black Bottoms – IHeartRaves (I could not find them on the website)
      • Face Mask – Sullivan King Merch
  • 3. Queen Look
    • You can never go wrong with a queen themed look. I’m not that big into skirts but this one from Glitter Romance is the right amount of a bad ass queen vibe!
  • 4. Joggers Are Always A Go To Look
    • When you have no idea what to wear or it might be too cold to just wear rave bottoms, joggers have always been my go to!
      • Top – Shein
      • Necklace – Wish
      • Joggers – Shein
  • 5. Simple Raver Look
    • When you’re first starting out with festivals, it can be really intimidating seeing regular rave clothes. You don’t have to start with that though. A simple bralette and skirt will do just fine! Or you can replace the skirt with joggers!
      • Bralette – Target
      • Jacket – Merch booth at HiJinx
      • Skirt – GoodWill

There is no right or wrong when it comes to festival clothing. Raves are all about being able to express yourself with no judgement. Get creative and where whatever feels right! What is so amazing about raves is that there are so many that all have different themes! You can plan your outfit according to the theme of the festival which makes it so much more fun!

I hope these outfits give you some type of rave outfit inspiration and I can’t wait to do more of these type of posts and videos soon! I also did two extra looks on my YouTube video! Yay! More inspo!

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