Camping Festival Products That Will Make You Go “WOAH That’s So Cool!”

These five products can be used at your hotel or for your next camping festival! There are a lot of items that you may think of right away when thinking about camping like a tent, canopy, tarp, cooler, etc. The products I share on this post are more aimed towards hacking your way through traveling. Life hacks not only make your experience easier but more enjoyable and unique!

Just a note- these products can also be used for everyday use but I’m focusing on camping and traveling purposes. These products are eco friendly and can help you with more than just traveling purposes which is great!

  1. Glass Teapot w/ Infuser & Warmer
    • I can’t wait until I can get this and try it out myself! This can help you save room on your stove for your food! Get this handy tealight teapot to boil your water for tea, coffee, etc!

  • 2. Ancient Insect Balm: Bug Repellent
    • This product is great for families and is pet safe! It has all natural ingredients and can be used on pets as well! “This Bug Balm we have had for a long time. Every show we attend we sell out. It works! It will keep away mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats, and much more.”

  • 3. Bamboo Cutlery Set
    • Eco friendly, cute, and compact! This set has everything you need while being sustainable.

  • 4. Fractal Metatron Towel
    • I’m always using my pashmina to lay on the floor at festivals but I’ve been wanting to find something new to use! This towel is beautful and went on my festival bucket list the moment I saw it!

Lately, I’ve been wanting to be as eco friendly as I can. I want to start reducing my trash use. I feel like I fill up my trash can every couple days and it honestly makes me feel bad. I could definitely reduce my use of plastic and trash in general but I need more reusable products like the makeup wipes or the bamboo cutlery set! Especially when it comes to traveling, whether it’s a hotel or camping, you want to limit your trace of trash as much as possible. Having a way of hacking festival camping really changes things! Who doesn’t love products that make your life easier and more efficient?

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