Have you ever wondered how much goes into building those gigantic jaw dropping festival stages? What is the process of making these unique stages we adore and miss so much!

I’ve always wanted to learn more about the process of stage building. I remember when it was the very first day of Wakaan Festival and I saw people working on the stage. It made me think about how much time and effort goes into these stages. This process is only based off the research I have done. I’m not a professional by any means and have no idea what the details are of building a stage. These steps are only what I found in articles and research online!

Getting Prepared

  • Preparing a festival is a lot of hard work and dedication. I can’t even imagine the time and planning it takes to make an entire festival but let’s just focus on the stages! Creating and designing a stage or stages for the festival can take a whole year! Every detail counts and making the festival experience you want to create takes precise planning. An amazing example is EDC! They have showed their process on their social media before of how much detail truly goes into the installations at EDC!

In the video above, they mentioned the mother ships (center stage of Bass Pod) recent add is the 100 foot magma fire! The process in shooting this flame unit into the air is like “there’s a countdown to it, like launching a shuttle”! What!

Setting Up The Stage / Taking It Down

Depending on the size of the stage and how many things are being involved with the making of the stage, it can take up to five hours to build the stage! Surprisingly this does not include adding any extras on the stage like equipment, tools, etc.

It’s all about creating new experiences and making it immersive. Every year, the festival industry is growing and want to up their festival game as much as they can. There’s many ways to go about this but you’re mainly focusing on working around the basis. Do you want to make the stage bigger or include more details, lighting, video, structure, audio and special effects like led screens, 3D designs and pyro and so much more!

Lastly, I would recommend watching the video below. The beginning of this video brought me to tears! This is such an amazing example of how much stage design impacts the festival and the experience all together. You could feel the happiness through the video! It’s so beautiful that this moment was captured and shows how much festivals change your life.

I think it would be amazing if I added interviewing a stage designer to my bucket list. That would be inspiring to learn more about stage design and how you get into doing something like that. There are not many resources on really showing what it’s like being a stage designer and it would be great to learn more.

As someone who wants to own their own unique venue, building a stage is something I have always been interested in. It’s very interesting and makes you think just how creative and motivated you need to be to create the stages we experience at festivals and even shows at a venue. These creators take individual components and machines and puts them together to create a show. They make sure it all comes together to not only fit the artist, but also make you happy and amaze you with something that you have never experienced before. You can always have the lasers, lights, screens and everything in between but stage designers is what makes all these things an unforgettable experience.

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