EDC Outfit Inspiration (Hair, Outfit And Tips)

Hi Headliners! We’re getting closer and closer to EDC and it’s hard to contain the excitement as I’m writing this blog post!

I wanted to get some inspiration for my EDC outfits and I wanted to share all the amazing rave fashion icons I found! Seriously, I don’t know how they think of these unique outfits all the time! It’s a huge inspiration and it motivates me to create something that truly inspires me.

As always, I will leave all of these beautiful queens Instagram underneath their photo! Go give them a follow!


By just looking at the picture, it looks like this won’t damage your hair and is very easy to put in/take out. If you look at both pictures, they both braided their hair and then made these Kandi hair pieces with safety pins!

  • I have never worn a wig at a festival but from pictures and seeing people in person, it’s the cutest touch on any outfit! Lit Unicorns is an amazing website with wigs that are PERFECT for raves! If you go to their Instagram page, they have wigs available for purchase that is fully done with braids, sparkle extensions, and charms! Also, I’m not intentionally picking all of these hair colors pink! Why does this keep happening?!
Found on lit @unicorns_ but her Insta is: @paigevcox
  • I’m not sure how you do this but I bet you can find some kind of tutorial on YouTube! This is so creative!!
Found on Pinterest


  • This sunflower set will be apart of my rave closet one day! I’m manifesting it! The moment I saw that this was released, I’ve had my eyes on it! I love the look and because the pattern is so colorful and playful, you don’t need to pair many accessories with it.
  • Everything about this outfit is perfect! You can tell that she planned her accessories to go with her outfit in a monochrome type theme. I’ve been loving the monochrome look recently and I can’t get over how beautiful this is!
Instagram – @blissful.owl
  • This is great inspiration for anyone really. There are so many designs that have this look and you can most likely find this pattern on any type of rave clothing. This outfit is a great example for matching outfits with someone! Read my blog post about How To Plan Matching Themed Outfits at festivals!
Instagram – @theblacktemple
  • How could I do an outfit inspiration blog post without including the QUEEN herself? Aside from EDC outfit inspo, she has been my rave fashion inspiration go to for a while now! She always creates unique outfits and even with the simplicity of this one, it’s one of my favorite outfits she has put together. If you love the bottoms she’s wearing, I would recommend checking out GlitterRomance! One of my favorite shops ever and their Gold Skirt Set is true EDC goals.
Found on Instagram @thelytecouture but her Instagram is @queen_sarlotka

This colorful look has me smiling and feeling like I would be ready to party in this outfit! The Britts Blossoms piece is the cutest touch, especially because they match her fluffy fan! I wonder how many people came up to her that night and asked if they could touch her fan! hahaha



  • Go out of your comfort zone! You can never have to much glitter or to crazy of an outfit for EDC! Go crazy and make something completely unique to you.
  • Prepare for hot and cold weather! The weather is unpredictable every year and if you’re not prepared, you could either get very cold or very hot VERY fast.
  • Pack your outfits together in small bags. It is very popular to use plastic bags but if you can, use products like THIS from small businesses. You’re saving the earth by not using so much plastic and they’re reusable!

As I was writing this, I was contemplating on making this live so early but it’s EDC! Electric Daisy Carnival is a rave like no other! There is a lot of planning that goes into it and outfits are one of them! Now that we’re ONLY 9 months away, I thought this would be a fun post to share! I can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits next year and be blown away once again by all the creativity that goes into these unique outfits!

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