My Five Essentials For Camping Festivals

Camping festivals take a lot of planning! Just like any camping trip, there will always be things that you have a checklist for and hope that you don’t forget anything before heading to possibly the middle of nowhere.

Don’t forget to check out my video linked at the very bottom of this post where I tell stories and explain why I’ll never forget these things when heading to a camping festival ever again!

Disclaimer: Most links attached is my amazon affiliate link but it is no extra cost to you! It just supports this blog 🙂


I never thought a canopy would be essential for camping festivals since I have been camping many many times but not at a festival. This will always be my #1 essential from now on. From all the adventures I’ve been on ever since I was little, I have never experienced the way the sun beams down on you the way it does at festivals!

Claim Your Space

This is not meant in a rude way so let me explain what I mean by this! I told a story about why I say this in my YouTube video linked at the bottom of this post. I feel like it’s important to have your own space, especially since you will be surrounded by a lot of people for three or sometimes even five days! Your campground is going to be your tiny home for a whole weekend. Get comfortable and make the space that you’re given as homey as you can with your homies (see what I did there!).

That being said, if you prefer to not use a canopy, be a great neighbor and let someone use a little bit of your box if needed!

Propane Stove

I’ve used propane stoves a lot of times in my life when I camped outside of festivals. I love how convenient they are and how accessible it makes it to make meals while you’re out in the campgrounds. I actually have a stove of my own but when I moved, I wasn’t able to pack it with me. When thinking about Wakaan Festival even before I moved, I always told myself “oh no, that’s crazy! I’m not going to need this!”. One year later, I moved back and I will never leave my stove again! Bonus tip: While you’re traveling to your festival, you can even use your stove on the drive there! Pull over at a rest stop and make some yummy food with your camping products you already have packed up and ready to go! Just make sure you bring a table for safety, good ventilation and extra propane!

Battery Powered/Solar Powered Lights

Battery powered lights are amazing for your campsite. We got many compliments on these! I remember one of our neighbors came over and thanked us for having the lights because he was able to find his campsite. I have found a couple examples on Amazon and have linked them under each picture.

Bring Card Games/Other Games You Love

You’re going to be at your campsite more than you think, which isn’t a bad thing! Card games are a great way to bond with your rave family and you can even invite your neighbors over to play a round of Uno before heading out to the festival grounds.

I’m a big fan of game nights so I have some recommendations for games that would be a hit for camping festivals: Phase 10, Uno, Unstable Unicorns, giant dominos and what do you meme?

BONUS ESSENTIAL: Battery Powered Fan

This was one of our best purchases yet for camping festivals! We were able to zip tie this fan to the top of the tent and it kept it around 5 degrees cooler. We kept this fan on basically the entire time we were at Wakaan Festival (4 days) and we only had to change the batteries once!

There are also other battery powered fans with good reviews that can help you outside of your tent. I have seen this one on the left being used by so many people while hanging out at the campgrounds to keep everyone cool! Both of these are basically the same price which is great! It’s all preference if you only choose one. It’s 2020! There’s even fans that go a whole 360 degrees WITH a tripod!

I hope these tips help you at your next festival and make the experience a little more enjoyable! After my experience of not having these items while camping at a festival, I’ll never go without them ever again! What are your camping festival essentials? I would love to hear the things you simply cannot live without while at a camping festival!

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