PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)

Before I start this blog post I feel like I need to address one thing first for the people that don’t know.

“What the heck is a pixel whip?”

A Pixel Whip is a type of flow art prop used by flow artists. They’re made up of fiber optic lights. The fibers are differently sized to give a fluid ‘flow’ all the way through the entire length which varies by what whip you get. These whips can have over 40 light color modes and a huge variety of different colored patterns. As the GloFx website says “…prepare yourself to be fully immersed in a galaxy of light with just the press of a button!”

Now that all the flowmies are ready, here are 3 tips for pixel whip artists!

Let Loose and Go Crazy!

You don’t have to be a professional dancer or flow artist to be able to use a pixel whip, it’s fairly easy to use. If you have been debating on getting a whip for yourself or you have one but haven’t picked it up in a while, just let loose and dance like nobody’s watching! I would recommend looking up tutorials on YouTube and just having fun with the thought of learning something new and exciting! It took me a year of having my whip to realize I can do more than spins, isolations and body tracing. I’ve made a couple tutorials that you can check out! I post pixel whip tutorials/pixel whip videos on my YouTube channel whenever I can!

Use Silicone Lube instead of Flow Lube

Trust me, I was against buying flow lube when I first saw it and have been flowing for a couple months but I have recently gotten it because I got the Space Whip GloFx Bundle and it came with it! It has improved my flow so much and doesn’t stick to my skin so easily if I’ve been flowing for awhile. I haven’t tried Silicone Lube yet but many flowmies recommend using it than what the flow art companies sell. A lot of people have complained that with flow grease once you start sweating, it will basically be completely off the whip after 10 minutes of using it.

Learn The Different Ways of Fiber Binding

Pixel whips can be used in many different forms! You can split the fibers in three, split it in two or there are several ways you can braid your whip. If you have a whip or maybe you have used it a couple times, you know that the fibers can hurt quite a lot! By the end of my flow sessions, I’m covered in scratches from my fibers! This can be prevented by braiding your fibers or learning how to wrap your fibers to keep them tight and semi-locked in. Another form you can have your whip is in a fiber sleeve! I have not tried one of these yet but they are becoming increasingly popular and completely changes the game of your pixel whip flow! Go to @pixael_fairy to get so many designs!

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