Small Etsy Rave Shop Businesses I Love!

As you may or may not know, Etsy will always be my one stop shop for most items because I have learned over the years that it is way better to support small shops and small businesses. I promise you that if you are looking for a specific item/product, a small business somewhere out there makes a version of it!

Here are a few five small rave Etsy shops I recommend you check out! Even if you can’t buy anything right now as you’re reading this post or watching my YouTube video, like their shop if their products interest you! Even just a quick click to favorite their shop will ensure you you don’t forget their name and their products are quickly available whenever you are ready to purchase an item!


This shop makes beautiful wood carved necklaces! Here are a few I’ve had my eye on and will most likely buy all of them when I can! Christmas present from me, to me kind of thing? I think YES


WOW this shop has the cutest clothes! They specialize in pole dance/dancing wear but there are so many things you can also wear at a rave! The first picture is the first item I found from this shop!


This shop is perfect for men’s rave and festival clothing! They also have simple clothing items for everyday wear. This shop has a lot of different style for face masks, stunning kimonos and everyday wear like tanks and t shirts.


This shop deserves way more sales! These are so unique and looks very high quality! These bandanas are reversible and I love the patterns that they choose!


I’ve bought three car decals from this shop before and I love the fast shipment and great quality! My recent purchase was a custom car decal and it looks amazing!

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