My 2021 Festival Season Plans

Although we don’t know how or when 2021 Festival Season will start, it’s never too late to start planning! It’s good to know when tickets go on sale and how much it’ll be so you’re prepared, because we all know how fast festival tickets can sell out. In this post I’ll be sharing what I’m planning to go to, where I’m staying and what tickets I bought!

  • EDC Las Vegas
    • DATES: May 21st – May 23rd
    • STAY: We will be staying in a hotel!
    • TICKETS: Sticking to regular GA for this one! Funny story about these tickets actually! When all the festivals started rescheduling and being moved around or cancelled, I sold my EDC ticket after almost paying it off! Insomniac moved EDC Las Vegas to the same weekend as Wakaan Festival before Liquid Stranger cancelled the festival. Wakaan Festival was essential so I made the decision to sell my tickets! After everything got cancelled and there was no festivals left of 2020, they announced there new dates and I bought my ticket again haha!
  • Bass Canyon
    • DATES: August 19th – August 22nd
    • STAY: We will be camping!
    • TICKETS: This will be my first time going and I’m READY! I will be flying there since it’s a very long drive but I’m still camping! Thankfully Bass Canyon has a lot of options for easy camping so the tent is already set up for us!
  • Lost Lands
    • DATES: September 24th-September 26th
    • STAY: We will be camping!
    • TICKETS: This will be my first year going and we will be doing Lost Lands b2b Wakaan Festival! My very first b2b festival and there’s something that makes me a little nervous! If EDC gets rescheduled to the new dates if it doesn’t happen in May, we will be doing the b2b festival adventure then EDC Las Vegas a couple weeks after that! I feel like I should start preparing for a marathon!
  • Wakaan Festival
    • DATES: September 29th – October 2nd, 2021
    • STAY: We will be camping!
    • TICKETS: My favorite festival and my home, we will be back soon! In 2019, I remember the tickets going on sale around March and I don’t believe they sold out fast. I will say this for all festivals this year though. If you want to go and you have the money saved up, get the tickets as soon as you can. I’ve never seen the way shows have been selling out like they did last year. Electric Forest was on the list of festivals this year but unfortunately I didn’t get a ticket. I was waiting on three devices to get my ticket and waiting as soon as the waiting screen popped up and STILL didn’t get a ticket.
  • Countdown
    • DATES: December 31st, 2021
    • STAY: We will be staying in a hotel!
    • So this would be more considered a rave because it’s only one day but it still goes on the list! This will be my first time going to Cali and we plan on traveling there a couple days early to be tourists in LA! OF COURSE the first thing on my list is to visit the Rave Wonderland store!

This is the list so far but when life goes semi back to normal, there will be so many shows and tiny events that will added to the list! To keep up on all the events I will be going to, check out my Show Tab. Most of these shows will be new to me and Bass Canyon will be my second camping festival so I’m nervous but also very excited!

Here are things I will NEVER forget a festival ever again!

This was also be my second time going to EDC Las Vegas! Here is my EDC LV 2018 vlog which was actually my very first rave and is what got me into the rave scene!

Going to a festival that’s not listed? Let me know which one’s in the comments section below! I’d love to do another post of festivals I wish I could go to.

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