Rave Makeup Hacks

There’s no better feeling than taking hours on end to complete this BOMB makeup look for the rave and somehow it lasts all night! Here are some hacks that I have that will ensure your eyeshadow is bright and colorful, your lashes won’t fall off, and keep your glitter and gems on through all the dancing and grooving all night long.

1. Use A White Base

  1. My favorite is the white base from NYX. This is used to make your makeup pop a lot more and have a more matte type finish.

2. Use Mink Lashes

I know this is kind of confusing if you don’t know what I mean but getting lashes like this will make your rave makeup pop! If you like to wear dramatic lashes with your rave makeup, it covers the makeup that you worked hours on. With these lashes, you can still see your makeup but doesn’t take away from the dramatic lash look either.


3. Keep Your Gems On And That Glitter LOCKED In Place

Use aquaphor for the ‘base’. Put this on your skin and before it dries have your glitter/gems ready to go. Once you put the aquaphor on, put waterproof eyelash glue on the gem and place is on the area you want to put it at.

4. Setting Spray, Setting Spray & More Setting Spray

Setting spray helps so much in keeping your makeup fresh and staying all night long. Put on setting spray before you put anything on. Then put setting spray on after you finish your first steps which is your face and eyebrows. THEN use setting spray once you’re done with your eye makeup and finally use your setting spray once you’re all done. That bottle of spray should be gone! Haha no, not completely gone but you will be using a lot. My favorite setting spray is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, I love the Maybelline setting spray!

5. The Contour Fork Method

You might have seen this hack but all you do is use a fork to contour! This is mainly used for your nose because it does WONDERS in contouring! You can always just use the proper makeup brushes to contour the same way you would with the fork, but this is a different alternative. For best results, use liquid contour.

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