My 2021 Festival Season Plans

Although we don’t know how or when 2021 Festival Season will start, it’s never too late to start planning! It’s good to know when tickets go on sale and how much it’ll be so you’re prepared, because we all know how fast festival tickets can sell out. In this post I’ll be sharing what I’mContinue reading “My 2021 Festival Season Plans”

Your Perspective On Quiet People Is Probably Wrong

As I’m writing this, I just had an encounter with someone at a meeting that told me “You’re so loud, I can’t hear you over there” as I do nothing wrong but sit there. Of course this is not the first time I have experienced this kind of situation. If you’re a shy/quiet person, youContinue reading “Your Perspective On Quiet People Is Probably Wrong”

Small Etsy Rave Shop Businesses I Love!

As you may or may not know, Etsy will always be my one stop shop for most items because I have learned over the years that it is way better to support small shops and small businesses. I promise you that if you are looking for a specific item/product, a small business somewhere out thereContinue reading “Small Etsy Rave Shop Businesses I Love!”

20 Ways To Use A Pashmina

What is a pashmina? A pashmina is a type of scarf or also known as a shawl that ravers use to accessorize their outfit. Pashminas are more than just a scarf though and that’s why I created this list of many ways that pashminas have. They’re more than just a scarf, it’s what most ravers callContinue reading “20 Ways To Use A Pashmina”

PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)

Before I start this blog post I feel like I need to address one thing first for the people that don’t know. “What the heck is a pixel whip?” A Pixel Whip is a type of flow art prop used by flow artists. They’re made up of fiber optic lights. The fibers are differently sizedContinue reading “PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)”

My Five Essentials For Camping Festivals

Camping festivals take a lot of planning! Just like any camping trip, there will always be things that you have a checklist for and hope that you don’t forget anything before heading to possibly the middle of nowhere. Don’t forget to check out my video linked at the very bottom of this post where IContinue reading “My Five Essentials For Camping Festivals”

EDC Outfit Inspiration (Hair, Outfit And Tips)

Hi Headliners! We’re getting closer and closer to EDC and it’s hard to contain the excitement as I’m writing this blog post! I wanted to get some inspiration for my EDC outfits and I wanted to share all the amazing rave fashion icons I found! Seriously, I don’t know how they think of these uniqueContinue reading “EDC Outfit Inspiration (Hair, Outfit And Tips)”


Have you ever wondered how much goes into building those gigantic jaw dropping festival stages? What is the process of making these unique stages we adore and miss so much! I’ve always wanted to learn more about the process of stage building. I remember when it was the very first day of Wakaan Festival andContinue reading “FESTIVAL STAGES: The Process”