10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge

I watch Youtube more than TV and I am constantly looking for new Youtubers to watch! Specifically, I’m always looking for festival content creators because that is my favorite content to watch. My second favorite is fantasizing about Van life and studying how to run away and live at festivals with my pets. Of courseContinue reading “10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge”

Fun And Creative Festival Drink Recipes

These five drinks are fun and creative that you can make all from your campsite with your rave family! First off, I was going to make these drinks so I can show the process and the end result. Due to Covid-19, I am honestly terrified of going outside right now. I drove about 30 minutesContinue reading “Fun And Creative Festival Drink Recipes”

How To Plan Matching Themed Outfits

Whether you’re planning to match with your partner, your rave fam or even just trying to match with your bestie, it can get a little stressful! Planning outfits to match in general is already tough. Trying to find cute matching outfits for ravers can get difficult and time consuming! These tips will help you findContinue reading “How To Plan Matching Themed Outfits”

Rave Themed Gift Basket w/ 10 Items!

Are you the type to DIY gifts when it comes to gift giving? Especially to your rave friends and fam? Almost every one of my gifts that I give to someone is some kind of DIY project that includes a little extra love. Some projects I’ve made include scavenger hunts, a “five senses box”, andContinue reading “Rave Themed Gift Basket w/ 10 Items!”

Electric Daisy Carnival Hacks

EDC is the biggest festival in North America! Ravers that have gone to EDC for multiple years have said that every time they go, they see something new and discover something beautiful within themselves or something that was in the festival (or both!). You can go to EDC for five years and still miss soContinue reading “Electric Daisy Carnival Hacks”

An Update On Postponed/Cancelled Shows

Due to COVID-19, a lot of events and shows have either been cancelled or postponed. I wanted to make this post with every festival and shows that have been moved to another date or is cancelled. If I missed any, which I probably have because all of these announcements have been overwhelming and is hardContinue reading “An Update On Postponed/Cancelled Shows”

Meal Prep For A 3 Day Rave (Healthy, Easy & Cheap)

Let’s get right into it because I can’t contain the excitement of this healthy, easy & cheap hotel meal prep for a rave! I’ve never been that great with meal preps in general but I have been doing more research on meal prepping, and I believe it’s been helping me a lot! Meal prepping isContinue reading “Meal Prep For A 3 Day Rave (Healthy, Easy & Cheap)”

Mistakes I Made At My First Camping Festival

Ahhh Wakaan Festival 2019, my very first camping festival. I want to share these mistakes I made that I honestly looked right past. I knew that people put these things on their ultimate festival camping lists but I didn’t know how necessary they actually were until I experienced this camping festival without these items.  IContinue reading “Mistakes I Made At My First Camping Festival”

Outfit Tips For Shows In The Winter (especially w/ NO coat check!)

Imagine this: You’re on your way to a show, it’s freezing cold outside so you’re wearing your winter coat. You get inside the venue and it instantly feels like you’re in a SAUNA! You get past security and your first thought is “find the coat check. Where’s the coat check. Oh look there’s the bar!Continue reading “Outfit Tips For Shows In The Winter (especially w/ NO coat check!)”