Rave Makeup Hacks

There’s no better feeling than taking hours on end to complete this BOMB makeup look for the rave and somehow it lasts all night! Here are some hacks that I have that will ensure your eyeshadow is bright and colorful, your lashes won’t fall off, and keep your glitter and gems on through all the dancing and grooving all night long.

1. Use A White Base

  1. My favorite is the white base from NYX. This is used to make your makeup pop a lot more and have a more matte type finish.

2. Use Mink Lashes

I know this is kind of confusing if you don’t know what I mean but getting lashes like this will make your rave makeup pop! If you like to wear dramatic lashes with your rave makeup, it covers the makeup that you worked hours on. With these lashes, you can still see your makeup but doesn’t take away from the dramatic lash look either.


3. Keep Your Gems On And That Glitter LOCKED In Place

Use aquaphor for the ‘base’. Put this on your skin and before it dries have your glitter/gems ready to go. Once you put the aquaphor on, put waterproof eyelash glue on the gem and place is on the area you want to put it at.

4. Setting Spray, Setting Spray & More Setting Spray

Setting spray helps so much in keeping your makeup fresh and staying all night long. Put on setting spray before you put anything on. Then put setting spray on after you finish your first steps which is your face and eyebrows. THEN use setting spray once you’re done with your eye makeup and finally use your setting spray once you’re all done. That bottle of spray should be gone! Haha no, not completely gone but you will be using a lot. My favorite setting spray is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, I love the Maybelline setting spray!

5. The Contour Fork Method

You might have seen this hack but all you do is use a fork to contour! This is mainly used for your nose because it does WONDERS in contouring! You can always just use the proper makeup brushes to contour the same way you would with the fork, but this is a different alternative. For best results, use liquid contour.

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My 2021 Festival Season Plans

Although we don’t know how or when 2021 Festival Season will start, it’s never too late to start planning! It’s good to know when tickets go on sale and how much it’ll be so you’re prepared, because we all know how fast festival tickets can sell out. In this post I’ll be sharing what I’m planning to go to, where I’m staying and what tickets I bought!

  • EDC Las Vegas
    • DATES: May 21st – May 23rd
    • STAY: We will be staying in a hotel!
    • TICKETS: Sticking to regular GA for this one! Funny story about these tickets actually! When all the festivals started rescheduling and being moved around or cancelled, I sold my EDC ticket after almost paying it off! Insomniac moved EDC Las Vegas to the same weekend as Wakaan Festival before Liquid Stranger cancelled the festival. Wakaan Festival was essential so I made the decision to sell my tickets! After everything got cancelled and there was no festivals left of 2020, they announced there new dates and I bought my ticket again haha!
  • Bass Canyon
    • DATES: August 19th – August 22nd
    • STAY: We will be camping!
    • TICKETS: This will be my first time going and I’m READY! I will be flying there since it’s a very long drive but I’m still camping! Thankfully Bass Canyon has a lot of options for easy camping so the tent is already set up for us!
  • Lost Lands
    • DATES: September 24th-September 26th
    • STAY: We will be camping!
    • TICKETS: This will be my first year going and we will be doing Lost Lands b2b Wakaan Festival! My very first b2b festival and there’s something that makes me a little nervous! If EDC gets rescheduled to the new dates if it doesn’t happen in May, we will be doing the b2b festival adventure then EDC Las Vegas a couple weeks after that! I feel like I should start preparing for a marathon!
  • Wakaan Festival
    • DATES: September 29th – October 2nd, 2021
    • STAY: We will be camping!
    • TICKETS: My favorite festival and my home, we will be back soon! In 2019, I remember the tickets going on sale around March and I don’t believe they sold out fast. I will say this for all festivals this year though. If you want to go and you have the money saved up, get the tickets as soon as you can. I’ve never seen the way shows have been selling out like they did last year. Electric Forest was on the list of festivals this year but unfortunately I didn’t get a ticket. I was waiting on three devices to get my ticket and waiting as soon as the waiting screen popped up and STILL didn’t get a ticket.
  • Countdown
    • DATES: December 31st, 2021
    • STAY: We will be staying in a hotel!
    • So this would be more considered a rave because it’s only one day but it still goes on the list! This will be my first time going to Cali and we plan on traveling there a couple days early to be tourists in LA! OF COURSE the first thing on my list is to visit the Rave Wonderland store!

This is the list so far but when life goes semi back to normal, there will be so many shows and tiny events that will added to the list! To keep up on all the events I will be going to, check out my Show Tab. Most of these shows will be new to me and Bass Canyon will be my second camping festival so I’m nervous but also very excited!

Here are things I will NEVER forget a festival ever again!

This was also be my second time going to EDC Las Vegas! Here is my EDC LV 2018 vlog which was actually my very first rave and is what got me into the rave scene!

Going to a festival that’s not listed? Let me know which one’s in the comments section below! I’d love to do another post of festivals I wish I could go to.

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Your Perspective On Quiet People Is Probably Wrong

As I’m writing this, I just had an encounter with someone at a meeting that told me “You’re so loud, I can’t hear you over there” as I do nothing wrong but sit there. Of course this is not the first time I have experienced this kind of situation. If you’re a shy/quiet person, you most likely understand the anger when someone comments on your quietness.

Let me just name a couple sayings you have probably heard: “you’re so quiet, do you talk?”, “awww you’re so quiet, you don’t talk much huh”.

If you’re on the other side of this saying these things to quiet people, let me just tell you this. Saying that is inconsiderate, rude and just completely unnecessary. I’m a very shy person and have dealt with this my entire life. I could honestly say that is has gotten worse as an adult! To add to these awkward encounters, I have pretty bad social anxiety. We understand that you’re just trying to spark up conversation or be funny or whatever you’re trying to portray but that is NOT the way you should be doing it.

I know it can be difficult trying to start a conversation with shy/quiet people but I believe that people need to be more educated on how to actually converse with us. I wanted to give some tips on how to speak with quiet people because what we deal with since we’re not huge extroverts is not okay and let me just say: YES we are okay, YES we are most likely having a great time, NO we do not hate you or hate what is happening around us, YES we want to talk to you but let us warm up and try these tips to get us to talk without making us feel bad or put us in an awkward situation.

OH PLEASE Don’t Try And Noise Up Quiet People

Personally, I would say this is the most common way I deal with. Sometimes I believe that people do this because society has made us afraid of silence. It has become some sort of trigger for most people. It puts us in an awkward situation and it’s almost impossible to respond to this way of you trying to converse. If anything, now we feel some type of embarrassment or a feeling of just wanting to leave at this point because everyone will be waiting for a response. This makes us more quiet and does not help any situation responding with things like “so you don’t talk much, huh?” or “you over there, you’re so quiet I haven’t heard a word from you!”.

We Most Likely Feel That There Is No Value To Add To The Conversation

We could be in a room full of loud and talkative people and we will still feel like we have nothing to say. We want to join in on the conversation but we may feel like there is no significant value to add. Another common feeling is not wanting to speak over other people or saying the wrong thing. Oh and NO it does NOT help when you tell us “oh just speak! You can do it! I believe in you!”. It’s like us telling you “oh come on! you can stop talking! You got this!”.

We love to observe in silence more than engage in small talk. We will talk when we’re ready to add something to the conversation. If we’re engaged and listening but not talking, we are included in the conversation but just in a different way. One thing that’s obvious for most people is when they genuinely don’t care for what’s happening around them. They will be zoned out or their head will be down. One thing us quiet people have learned is that body language speaks louder than words.

Just Because We’re Quiet Does Not Mean We Want To Be Alone All The Time

Human interaction is very important no matter who you are or what your personality is like. Social interaction is essential in our existence. We may be quiet in social settings but that doesn’t mean we’re having a bad time. I know that it can be difficult that we’re not much of a talkative person but I promise once we’re warmed up or are ready to talk, we will include something into the conversation. It may not be much but please keep in mind it probably took a lot for us to get the courage to speak up and put our two cents in.

Quiet people are often misunderstood by many people. Give us time to warm up and we will talk more when we are ready. I often hate the saying “First impressions are very important.” While I agree to a certain extent that this is true, I disagree with the fact that we shouldn’t judge someone based off of what we see on our first impression. Pointing out our quietness makes us insecure and just pushes us further away. It’s not that easy becoming a social butterfly just by someone saying “don’t be so shy! Just say what you want to say!”. Respect the way we like to live life just like we respect the way you like to be the life of the party or are more comfortable talking than being content in silence.

I recommend checking out this video made by a shy introvert that has dealt with these comments her entire teenage life. I relate a lot to what she says and you might too.

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Small Etsy Rave Shop Businesses I Love!

As you may or may not know, Etsy will always be my one stop shop for most items because I have learned over the years that it is way better to support small shops and small businesses. I promise you that if you are looking for a specific item/product, a small business somewhere out there makes a version of it!

Here are a few five small rave Etsy shops I recommend you check out! Even if you can’t buy anything right now as you’re reading this post or watching my YouTube video, like their shop if their products interest you! Even just a quick click to favorite their shop will ensure you you don’t forget their name and their products are quickly available whenever you are ready to purchase an item!


This shop makes beautiful wood carved necklaces! Here are a few I’ve had my eye on and will most likely buy all of them when I can! Christmas present from me, to me kind of thing? I think YES


WOW this shop has the cutest clothes! They specialize in pole dance/dancing wear but there are so many things you can also wear at a rave! The first picture is the first item I found from this shop!


This shop is perfect for men’s rave and festival clothing! They also have simple clothing items for everyday wear. This shop has a lot of different style for face masks, stunning kimonos and everyday wear like tanks and t shirts.


This shop deserves way more sales! These are so unique and looks very high quality! These bandanas are reversible and I love the patterns that they choose!


I’ve bought three car decals from this shop before and I love the fast shipment and great quality! My recent purchase was a custom car decal and it looks amazing!

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20 Ways To Use A Pashmina

What is a pashmina? A pashmina is a type of scarf or also known as a shawl that ravers use to accessorize their outfit. Pashminas are more than just a scarf though and that’s why I created this list of many ways that pashminas have. They’re more than just a scarf, it’s what most ravers call their holy grail. Many will not go to a festival without their pash!

20 different ways to use a pashmina!

  1. Regular Way
  2. Hiding Place
  3. Blanket
  4. Dancing Prop
  5. Top
  6. Skirt
  7. Table cover
  8. Tapestry
  9. Scarf
  10. Chair Decoration
  11. Car Back Seat Cover
  12. Pillow
  13. Use It To Hold Your Dog
  14. Sun Shade
  15. Jump Rope If You’re Small Enough!
  16. Pretend To Be A Ghost
  17. Flow Art Prop Holder
  18. Lay On It At A Festival
  19. Gift The Pash To Someone
  20. A Towel

Where you can get pashminas:

Check out my video to see just how useful these are! It’s amazing how many things you can think of on ways to use a pashmina!

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PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)

Before I start this blog post I feel like I need to address one thing first for the people that don’t know.

“What the heck is a pixel whip?”

A Pixel Whip is a type of flow art prop used by flow artists. They’re made up of fiber optic lights. The fibers are differently sized to give a fluid ‘flow’ all the way through the entire length which varies by what whip you get. These whips can have over 40 light color modes and a huge variety of different colored patterns. As the GloFx website says “…prepare yourself to be fully immersed in a galaxy of light with just the press of a button!”

Now that all the flowmies are ready, here are 3 tips for pixel whip artists!

Let Loose and Go Crazy!

You don’t have to be a professional dancer or flow artist to be able to use a pixel whip, it’s fairly easy to use. If you have been debating on getting a whip for yourself or you have one but haven’t picked it up in a while, just let loose and dance like nobody’s watching! I would recommend looking up tutorials on YouTube and just having fun with the thought of learning something new and exciting! It took me a year of having my whip to realize I can do more than spins, isolations and body tracing. I’ve made a couple tutorials that you can check out! I post pixel whip tutorials/pixel whip videos on my YouTube channel whenever I can!

Use Silicone Lube instead of Flow Lube

Trust me, I was against buying flow lube when I first saw it and have been flowing for a couple months but I have recently gotten it because I got the Space Whip GloFx Bundle and it came with it! It has improved my flow so much and doesn’t stick to my skin so easily if I’ve been flowing for awhile. I haven’t tried Silicone Lube yet but many flowmies recommend using it than what the flow art companies sell. A lot of people have complained that with flow grease once you start sweating, it will basically be completely off the whip after 10 minutes of using it.

Learn The Different Ways of Fiber Binding

Pixel whips can be used in many different forms! You can split the fibers in three, split it in two or there are several ways you can braid your whip. If you have a whip or maybe you have used it a couple times, you know that the fibers can hurt quite a lot! By the end of my flow sessions, I’m covered in scratches from my fibers! This can be prevented by braiding your fibers or learning how to wrap your fibers to keep them tight and semi-locked in. Another form you can have your whip is in a fiber sleeve! I have not tried one of these yet but they are becoming increasingly popular and completely changes the game of your pixel whip flow! Go to @pixael_fairy to get so many designs!

My Five Essentials For Camping Festivals

Camping festivals take a lot of planning! Just like any camping trip, there will always be things that you have a checklist for and hope that you don’t forget anything before heading to possibly the middle of nowhere.

Don’t forget to check out my video linked at the very bottom of this post where I tell stories and explain why I’ll never forget these things when heading to a camping festival ever again!

Disclaimer: Most links attached is my amazon affiliate link but it is no extra cost to you! It just supports this blog 🙂


I never thought a canopy would be essential for camping festivals since I have been camping many many times but not at a festival. This will always be my #1 essential from now on. From all the adventures I’ve been on ever since I was little, I have never experienced the way the sun beams down on you the way it does at festivals!


Claim Your Space

This is not meant in a rude way so let me explain what I mean by this! I told a story about why I say this in my YouTube video linked at the bottom of this post. I feel like it’s important to have your own space, especially since you will be surrounded by a lot of people for three or sometimes even five days! Your campground is going to be your tiny home for a whole weekend. Get comfortable and make the space that you’re given as homey as you can with your homies (see what I did there!).

That being said, if you prefer to not use a canopy, be a great neighbor and let someone use a little bit of your box if needed!

Propane Stove

I’ve used propane stoves a lot of times in my life when I camped outside of festivals. I love how convenient they are and how accessible it makes it to make meals while you’re out in the campgrounds. I actually have a stove of my own but when I moved, I wasn’t able to pack it with me. When thinking about Wakaan Festival even before I moved, I always told myself “oh no, that’s crazy! I’m not going to need this!”. One year later, I moved back and I will never leave my stove again! Bonus tip: While you’re traveling to your festival, you can even use your stove on the drive there! Pull over at a rest stop and make some yummy food with your camping products you already have packed up and ready to go! Just make sure you bring a table for safety, good ventilation and extra propane!


Battery Powered/Solar Powered Lights

Battery powered lights are amazing for your campsite. We got many compliments on these! I remember one of our neighbors came over and thanked us for having the lights because he was able to find his campsite. I have found a couple examples on Amazon and have linked them under each picture.


Bring Card Games/Other Games You Love

You’re going to be at your campsite more than you think, which isn’t a bad thing! Card games are a great way to bond with your rave family and you can even invite your neighbors over to play a round of Uno before heading out to the festival grounds.

I’m a big fan of game nights so I have some recommendations for games that would be a hit for camping festivals: Phase 10, Uno, Unstable Unicorns, giant dominos and what do you meme?

BONUS ESSENTIAL: Battery Powered Fan

This was one of our best purchases yet for camping festivals! We were able to zip tie this fan to the top of the tent and it kept it around 5 degrees cooler. We kept this fan on basically the entire time we were at Wakaan Festival (4 days) and we only had to change the batteries once!

There are also other battery powered fans with good reviews that can help you outside of your tent. I have seen this one on the left being used by so many people while hanging out at the campgrounds to keep everyone cool! Both of these are basically the same price which is great! It’s all preference if you only choose one. It’s 2020! There’s even fans that go a whole 360 degrees WITH a tripod!

I hope these tips help you at your next festival and make the experience a little more enjoyable! After my experience of not having these items while camping at a festival, I’ll never go without them ever again! What are your camping festival essentials? I would love to hear the things you simply cannot live without while at a camping festival!

EDC Outfit Inspiration (Hair, Outfit And Tips)

Hi Headliners! We’re getting closer and closer to EDC and it’s hard to contain the excitement as I’m writing this blog post!

I wanted to get some inspiration for my EDC outfits and I wanted to share all the amazing rave fashion icons I found! Seriously, I don’t know how they think of these unique outfits all the time! It’s a huge inspiration and it motivates me to create something that truly inspires me.

As always, I will leave all of these beautiful queens Instagram underneath their photo! Go give them a follow!


By just looking at the picture, it looks like this won’t damage your hair and is very easy to put in/take out. If you look at both pictures, they both braided their hair and then made these Kandi hair pieces with safety pins!

  • I have never worn a wig at a festival but from pictures and seeing people in person, it’s the cutest touch on any outfit! Lit Unicorns is an amazing website with wigs that are PERFECT for raves! If you go to their Instagram page, they have wigs available for purchase that is fully done with braids, sparkle extensions, and charms! Also, I’m not intentionally picking all of these hair colors pink! Why does this keep happening?!
Found on lit @unicorns_ but her Insta is: @paigevcox
  • I’m not sure how you do this but I bet you can find some kind of tutorial on YouTube! This is so creative!!
Found on Pinterest


  • This sunflower set will be apart of my rave closet one day! I’m manifesting it! The moment I saw that this was released, I’ve had my eyes on it! I love the look and because the pattern is so colorful and playful, you don’t need to pair many accessories with it.
  • Everything about this outfit is perfect! You can tell that she planned her accessories to go with her outfit in a monochrome type theme. I’ve been loving the monochrome look recently and I can’t get over how beautiful this is!
Instagram – @blissful.owl
  • This is great inspiration for anyone really. There are so many designs that have this look and you can most likely find this pattern on any type of rave clothing. This outfit is a great example for matching outfits with someone! Read my blog post about How To Plan Matching Themed Outfits at festivals!
Instagram – @theblacktemple
  • How could I do an outfit inspiration blog post without including the QUEEN herself? Aside from EDC outfit inspo, she has been my rave fashion inspiration go to for a while now! She always creates unique outfits and even with the simplicity of this one, it’s one of my favorite outfits she has put together. If you love the bottoms she’s wearing, I would recommend checking out GlitterRomance! One of my favorite shops ever and their Gold Skirt Set is true EDC goals.
Found on Instagram @thelytecouture but her Instagram is @queen_sarlotka

This colorful look has me smiling and feeling like I would be ready to party in this outfit! The Britts Blossoms piece is the cutest touch, especially because they match her fluffy fan! I wonder how many people came up to her that night and asked if they could touch her fan! hahaha



  • Go out of your comfort zone! You can never have to much glitter or to crazy of an outfit for EDC! Go crazy and make something completely unique to you.
  • Prepare for hot and cold weather! The weather is unpredictable every year and if you’re not prepared, you could either get very cold or very hot VERY fast.
  • Pack your outfits together in small bags. It is very popular to use plastic bags but if you can, use products like THIS from small businesses. You’re saving the earth by not using so much plastic and they’re reusable!

As I was writing this, I was contemplating on making this live so early but it’s EDC! Electric Daisy Carnival is a rave like no other! There is a lot of planning that goes into it and outfits are one of them! Now that we’re ONLY 9 months away, I thought this would be a fun post to share! I can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits next year and be blown away once again by all the creativity that goes into these unique outfits!

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Have you ever wondered how much goes into building those gigantic jaw dropping festival stages? What is the process of making these unique stages we adore and miss so much!

I’ve always wanted to learn more about the process of stage building. I remember when it was the very first day of Wakaan Festival and I saw people working on the stage. It made me think about how much time and effort goes into these stages. This process is only based off the research I have done. I’m not a professional by any means and have no idea what the details are of building a stage. These steps are only what I found in articles and research online!

Getting Prepared

  • Preparing a festival is a lot of hard work and dedication. I can’t even imagine the time and planning it takes to make an entire festival but let’s just focus on the stages! Creating and designing a stage or stages for the festival can take a whole year! Every detail counts and making the festival experience you want to create takes precise planning. An amazing example is EDC! They have showed their process on their social media before of how much detail truly goes into the installations at EDC!

In the video above, they mentioned the mother ships (center stage of Bass Pod) recent add is the 100 foot magma fire! The process in shooting this flame unit into the air is like “there’s a countdown to it, like launching a shuttle”! What!

Setting Up The Stage / Taking It Down

Depending on the size of the stage and how many things are being involved with the making of the stage, it can take up to five hours to build the stage! Surprisingly this does not include adding any extras on the stage like equipment, tools, etc.

It’s all about creating new experiences and making it immersive. Every year, the festival industry is growing and want to up their festival game as much as they can. There’s many ways to go about this but you’re mainly focusing on working around the basis. Do you want to make the stage bigger or include more details, lighting, video, structure, audio and special effects like led screens, 3D designs and pyro and so much more!

Lastly, I would recommend watching the video below. The beginning of this video brought me to tears! This is such an amazing example of how much stage design impacts the festival and the experience all together. You could feel the happiness through the video! It’s so beautiful that this moment was captured and shows how much festivals change your life.

I think it would be amazing if I added interviewing a stage designer to my bucket list. That would be inspiring to learn more about stage design and how you get into doing something like that. There are not many resources on really showing what it’s like being a stage designer and it would be great to learn more.

As someone who wants to own their own unique venue, building a stage is something I have always been interested in. It’s very interesting and makes you think just how creative and motivated you need to be to create the stages we experience at festivals and even shows at a venue. These creators take individual components and machines and puts them together to create a show. They make sure it all comes together to not only fit the artist, but also make you happy and amaze you with something that you have never experienced before. You can always have the lasers, lights, screens and everything in between but stage designers is what makes all these things an unforgettable experience.