10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge

I watch Youtube more than TV and I am constantly looking for new Youtubers to watch! Specifically, I’m always looking for festival content creators because that is my favorite content to watch. My second favorite is fantasizing about Van life and studying how to run away and live at festivals with my pets. Of course I’m joking, please don’t bring your pets to festivals! The van life though will forever be a dream.

During this quarantine, we’re looking for new things to watch and new people to follow on social media. This post is of course focused on their channels but if you subscribe to them, follow them on their other social media! Here are ten youtubers that is so worth binging!

*Under each photo I will link their Instagram!*

  • 1. Erika And Frida
    • My favorite channel of all time! I love how real they are and always stick to what they believe in! They are so inspirational and make me laugh with every video!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video: 100% no doubt, their rave vlogs!
  • 2. Emma Kapotes
    • Fun fact- Emma got me into festival content creators and is the reason I started “Centered Flow”! She works hard for everything she has. She always shares constant information and the latest news.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I love her festival guides! Whether it’s prepping before a rave, a guide to a festival, I always leave her videos with new info and so many useful things that I can now use in my future rave experiences!

  • 3. SierraSmiles
    • I found SierraSmiles through Olivia Cara‘s channel from one of her rave vlogs. She has such a beautiful energy towards her and you can tell she is so strong.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I can watch her story times & rave vlogs over and over!

  • 4. Vibe with Ade
    • What a queen Vibe With Ade is! I look up to her a lot when making my festival content creation. I have followed her since I started raving and I’m so proud of the progress she has done and the confidence she has!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – Her get rave ready with me videos. She makes me feel like we’re just hanging out together! I can’t wait to meet her at a rave one day.

  • 5. Tara O’Neill
    • No words for this beautiful soul! All I have to say is GOALS GOALS GOALS! Queen of fashion, festival icon and amazing vlogger!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I’m obsessed with her rave vlogs but her inspired outfit videos are so creative and binge watch worthy.

  • 6. Becca Grace Original
    • This girl is a must watch and I’ve already binge watched all her videos! She is growing so fast and is very passionate about the rave community. Her content is so creative and well thought out.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – It’s hard to pick just one so let me say a couple! My favorites are her vlogs, lineup reveals and what I’m wearing videos!

  • 7. kerryohkey
    • A small Youtuber that should have way more subscribers than she has! She has been consistent with her content. From her content in general to the thumbnail and her intro, she always has me intrigued with every upload.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I love her EDC content!

  • 8. Bebe Howell
    • I relate to Bebe Howell so much. She speaks the truth and has fun with the videos she uploads. I have watched all her rave vlogs, I love the way she edits them.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I would check out her favorite song videos but don’t forget to binge everything else!

  • 9. Rave Hackers
    • I found this channel because of Vibe with Ade and I am so happy that I did. She has real rave hacks and information about festivals I have never heard of until I watched her videos. You can tell that she is going to be very successful and she just started uploading on YouTube about a year ago (If she did not delete previous videos, I’m basing this off of her current channel). Go Subscribe and get her to 300 subs!
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – I don’t have many to go off of but I found Rave Hackers from their “Raving 101” video!

  • 10. Stephanie Klotz
    • She does not upload much but she is a natural with a camera! I found her recently when her Okeechobee vlog popped up on my home page.
    • My Favorite Type Of Video – Watch her vlogs, you won’t regret watching the beautiful energy she puts out.

During this quarantine and other times when we want to binge watch Youtube videos,we’re always looking for someone new to watch. With raves being postponed and festivals not currently happening, it’s a good feeling to watch rave vlogs, grwm videos and any festival content in general.

Now the time has come where I have to give myself a shameless self promo! Go subscribe to my YouTube channel where I mainly make festival content!


Fun And Creative Festival Drink Recipes

These five drinks are fun and creative that you can make all from your campsite with your rave family!

First off, I was going to make these drinks so I can show the process and the end result. Due to Covid-19, I am honestly terrified of going outside right now. I drove about 30 minutes to get food and back home the other day and I was in tears by the time I got home. Everything and everyone is so different now, it’s something that I have never experienced before. I keep telling myself that everything will be okay and things will go back to normal one day. Of course I know this is true but the way the world looks right now is slightly frightening and feels unreal. 

The point I’m trying to get at is that I am trying to not go outside as much as possible so because of this, I was not able to get the ingredients for these drinks. I will be making a YouTube video next month on actually making these drinks! Once I filmed this video, I will edit this blog post and add pictures! 

These drinks will put a sparkle in your rave family’s eyes when you guys make these together! These are all easy and 100% possible at camping festivals! Even though these are aimed more towards camping festivals drinks, you can always make these at home or your hotel as well!

  1. Power To The Pedialyte
    1. A drink with pedialyte? Count me in! 
      • Ingredients:
        1. Pedialyte (flavor of your choice)
        2. Vodka (of your choice)
        3. Lime or Lemon (again, depends on your preference and what flavor you chose but I will always choose limes!)
        4. Limeade or Lemonade
        5. Salt
      • In an empty jug – Pour the Pedialyte, a bottle of vodka, half a bottle of your choice of juice (limeade or lemonade), squeeze two lemons or limes and shake it all together!
      • Take two paper plates – Squeeze one lemon or lime on one and then pour the salt on the other
      • Round your solo cup with the juice and salt
      • Pour your drink, add some ice and enjoy!!
      • I wouldn’t recommend putting any ice in the jug because your drink will get watered down. Just put ice in your glass when you pour it!
        • I love this recipe because you can really create it to your preference! *For my recipe, I used limeade and limes*
  2. Krazy Kola (or Kalimotxo)
    • This one is very simple and so yummy! You wouldn’t know how crazy this tastes until you try it!
      • Ingredients:
        1. Red Wine
        2. Coca Cola (instantly thinks of Cola by Camelphat and takes a quick dance break)
          • In your cup, pour half red wine and half coca cola! That’s it, enjoy!
  3. Jungle Juice
    • A classic but the taste will never get old!
      • Ingredients:
        1. Bottle of vodka
        2. Bottle of Rum
        3. Lemonade
        4. Mixed Fruit Juice or Orange Juice
        5. Fruit Punch
        6. Optional: sliced fruit (strawberries, oranges, lemons, raspberries, etc)
          • Pour all of these ingredients together, mix and serve!

I wanted to add a short list of Amazon must haves that will make your drinks better or more creative! These are just random things I found on Amazon that I have always wanted to bring to raves to spice your drinks up a bit!

  • Glow In The Dark Party Cups
    •  These cups are solo party cup style that light up! They stay lit for 8-12 hours and this set includes seven different colors!

  • Drink Holder Stakes
    • I have never seen these before until I got lost in the hole of weird Amazon products. This is most definitely on my list for the next camping festival.

  • Inflatable Drink Holder
    • Even if you don’t plan on attending a pool party, these are a fun way to tell the difference between everyone’s drinks so they don’t get mixed up!
  • Beverage Dispenser
    • Make it easy on yourself and get a beverage dispenser for your drinks you made from this post! If you want to get a different dispenser or you already have one, try to use one with an infuser! This way you can add ice packs in the infuser area to keep your drink cold! With ice packs, you won’t make your drink watered down!

  • Plastic Spoon Straws
    • Even though I will always say that metal straws are the way to go, these are handy for being able to mix your drink and have a straw all in one!

With so many drink recipes readily available all over the internet, it could be hard to find recipes that don’t require all of these mixing kits and 20 ingredients. Even if we’re at a rave or at our hotel, we still want fun and creative drink recipes that we can drink with everyone!

Drink recipes that are easy, cheap and can also be used with these products can be a great bonding experience as well! Drinking together already brings people together but being able to make a recipe together for a rave and using fun, creative products just puts icing on the cake!

Once I go to the grocery store again, be on the lookout for a video of me making these drinks and updating this post with pictures! Hopefully I will be able to try these products at my next rave or camping festival adventure! Fingers crossed my next camping festival will be Lost Lands b2b Wakaan Festival!

How To Plan Matching Themed Outfits

Whether you’re planning to match with your partner, your rave fam or even just trying to match with your bestie, it can get a little stressful! Planning outfits to match in general is already tough. Trying to find cute matching outfits for ravers can get difficult and time consuming!

These tips will help you find some creativity and inspiration when trying to find themed outfits with someone or multiple people. These tips are going to be focused on not completely matching. It’s all about keeping the same theme together but still being able to put your own festival touch on it.

  • Alternate colors
    • This one is fun and you still get your matching outfits! Say someone is wearing a pink top and black bottoms? The other person could wear a black top and pink bottoms!

  • Match bottoms and wear a different top
    • There are so many options where you can wear the same pants (whether they’re the same length or not) and still be matching!
    • A great example for this would be Peridot Clothing. They have cheeky rave bottoms and leggings that are the same pattern!

Here is an example:

  • Go with the matching bodysuit
    • You could both be wearing a matching bodysuit and then the rest, you can put your own touch on it
Inspo from the two queens Erika & Frida – https://www.instagram.com/p/B2qmM_xHBjq/

  • Be completely matching but with different colors/patterns
    • With this way, you both could be wearing a sheer skirt, bodysuit, body harness, choker, and a pashmina (and whatever else you prefer) but try and choose items that have different colors to choose from. This way you can wear the same things but the colors you like more!
  • T shirts or matching colors? There are so many shops that can make custom t-shirts for you and your entire rave fam where you could all be matching with the same exact shirt or you can put something that is special to you on your shirt.
    • If t shirts aren’t your style, go with a certain color scheme!
    • Example: Black bottoms, red shirt, your preferred color pashmina and white shoes

  • Focus on merch!
    • A great way to support artists is to buy their merch! Most artists have a range of options to choose from and you guys could pick whatever one you like more! You can either wear one artist or multiple artists! 
    • This is great for when you’re on a budget as well! You don’t have to get the most expensive item on the shop, you can get a face mask or go on Etsy and many small businesses make beautiful artist clothing to choose from.

Make sure you go on Instagram to get some true inspiration from all the rave angels out there! I’m always amazed by the things people come up with. Ravers are so talented and creative! Matching with someone at a rave doesn’t have to be challenging, it’s all about figuring out colors/patterns and what you’re going to focus on the most so you can have a matching outfit! You can use these tips whichever way you would like, just be creative and figure out what works best for you!

Rave Themed Gift Basket w/ 10 Items!

Are you the type to DIY gifts when it comes to gift giving? Especially to your rave friends and fam? Almost every one of my gifts that I give to someone is some kind of DIY project that includes a little extra love. Some projects I’ve made include scavenger hunts, a “five senses box”, and floating photos with balloons. But my favorite and easiest DIY gift is what we’re talking about today: gift baskets!

This rave themed gift basket has 10 items and is the perfect gift for birthdays, a holiday or just a random gift to someone! There are so many ways to make this your own and be as creative as you want! 

  • 2. Car Decal Sticker
    • These are cheap, small and are the cutest edition to any rave themed gift. Support small shops and look at car decals on Etsy. I got this Subtronics car decal for only $3.95 and I was able to choose any color I wanted!
  • 3. Merch
    • This can be anything you believe the person would like. Artists make a range of products like shirts, hats, blankets, sweatpants, face masks, etc.
    • Buying merch also supports the artist which is a win – win situation!
  • 4. Small fan (or regular sized fan)
    • If you’re on a budget, you can get very cute small fans for under $5. If you want to get them a regular sized fan, they are not that more expensive than small fans and the regular sized fans have cool and unique designs to them! You can find these for under $20!
  • 5. Kandi!!
    • Make some Kandi for the person you’re giving this gift basket to and put them in the basket! This can get very creative and you can make as many as you would like! There’s a range of things you can make like bracelets, necklaces, cuffs and perlers.
  • 6. Bass Laces Keychain
    • If you have never seen or owned a Bass Laces keychain, you’re missing out! These keychains light up and continuously change colors! They have an amazing selection of artists or designs to choose from. They also have shoe laces and crystal balls and more custom engraved options to choose from!
      1. Use code ‘ravemom10’ at checkout to save 10% off your next purchase!
  • 7. Diffraction Glasses
    • Oh the amazing illusion to look through diffraction glasses! These are amazing gifts for anyone! Even just a single pair of glasses will change someone’s rave day forever! I will always recommend GloFx for any diffraction glasses you’re looking for!
      • Use code ‘centeredflow’ to save on your next purchase!
  • 8. Tapestries
    • There are so many options to choose from for very cheap! You don’t need to get a huge tapestry, get a mini tapestry! You could also get a flag. This is my favorite Liquid Stranger flag I wanted to show you as an example-
  • 9. Unopened Necessities
    • Vicks, Boom Boom, chapstick, travel tissue, sanitizing wipes, etc! We all need an extra stash of these necessities. Be sure it’s not opened though so security doesn’t take it away if they choose to bring it to their next event.

  • 10. Glitter/Makeup/Colored Extensions
    • More necessities you can never have enough of! Especially with a gift basket, these can be an amazing add! Other great ideas are: face jewels, fishnets, pasties, chokers/necklaces, etc!
  • BONUS: Hydration Pack or Fanny Pack!
    • I kept this one for last because this could be more on the pricey side depending on what you get. A hydration pack is an amazing idea because you can use it as the basket! Just put everything inside the hydration pack that’s included in this themed gift basket!
    • Fanny packs are cheaper but don’t hold as much as a hydration pack. Again, it all depends on your preference and what you believe would fit best!

I wanted to add one more list on here for you guys! These things aren’t EDM themed but would be a cute add to these gifts and especially making a themed basket:

  • A soft fluffy blanket!
  • Harem Pants
  • Candle
  • Shoes
  • Candy
  • Crystals
  • Tarot Cards
  • Incense
  • Phone case
  • A new plant friend!

Of course there are a lot of different ways you could do this. I hope the gift basket I made inspired you to create the perfect gift for your friends and family!

If you make a rave themed gift basket inspired by this one, be sure to tag me on Instagram! I would love to see the creation you guys come up with! 🙂


Electric Daisy Carnival Hacks

EDC is the biggest festival in North America! Ravers that have gone to EDC for multiple years have said that every time they go, they see something new and discover something beautiful within themselves or something that was in the festival (or both!). You can go to EDC for five years and still miss so many things that you have never seen before. Fun fact – headliners over 94 countries attend EDC Las Vegas every year! Just like many festivals, we could always use some festival hacks that could make our experience unique for so many reasons!

  • Making Time For Art & Rides
    • I’ve been hearing for years that the top of the ferris wheel is the best view overlooking the speedway and an experience you will never forget. When I went to EDC Las Vegas 2018, I couldn’t even find the rides. I also did EDC completely wrong and experienced little to nothing that Electric Daisy Carnival has to offer. There is so much art to see and rides to check out. Even if you don’t plan on going on any rides, walk around and see what hidden treasures you’ll be able to see. They are 20+ full sized carnival rides at EDC!
      • As the EDC Las Vegas website says “What’s a carnival without rides?”
  • Stretching Before & After
    • Stretching is more important than keeping you strong & healthy. It improves health, reduces pain, reduces risk of injury and minimizes wear and tear. Your muscles will thank you!
  • Bring Different Packs Of Gum (Fruity & Minty)
    • I always bring a crazy amount of gum to festivals so I can share with everyone but it never occurred to me that I can bring different types of gum!
      • Bring multiple flavors and when you hand out pieces of gum, ask if they prefer fruity or minty!
  • Go To The Medical Tent For Ice
    • I overheat easily so I’m excited to try this one out! If you go to the medical tent and ask them for ice, they will most likely give it to you. You can also go to vendors or the people walking around selling drinks and ask if you can give them a couple dollars to put ice in your hydration pack.
  • Bring A Small Phone Tripod
    • If you like to capture memories and costantly find your self pulling out your phone to take pictures or videos, think about investing in a phone tripod! You can find many options on Amazon for under $20! With a tripod, you can hold the handle way easier than holding your phone everywhere.
    • Bonus points if you get a tripod like this where you can bend and fold it where you can stick it anywhere and easily capture so many memories with your entire rave family and other ravers!
  • Bringing An Inflatable Pillow
    • You know those pillows that you can bring camping and you can just blow them up when you need them? Yeah I’m thinking about being extra this festival season and putting one of those in my hydration pack. Laying down on the grass, listening to the music and vibe out ALL while having an inflatable pillow? I think YES!
      • I found this one on Amazon for only $13!
  • Put Emerg-C In Your Lemonade!
    • Get one of the famous EDC lemonades and put an emerg-c packet in there! Take care of yourself while enjoying some of the yummy lemonade!
    • I will say that in my opinion, Emerg-C doesn’t taste the best so if you don’t like the taste that much, I would drink the Emerg-c separately before the festival or after.
  • Get Your Merch First Thing
    • When you first get into EDC, there should be three things you should always do before going out to explore or dance. Fill up your hydration pack, go to the bathroom and go to the merch tables to get the things you want! Exclusive gear sells out insanely fast! If you’re not able to carry everything around all night, get a locker for the entire weekend!
      • “Each locker measures approximately 8″ high, 12″ wide, and 18″ deep—plenty of space for backpacks or purses.”

I can’t wait to try these hacks out at EDC! This will be my first rave of festival season and I’m excited to try all of these hacks with you guys! If you guys would like to reminisce with me, I just uploaded my EDC Las Vegas 2018 vlog on my YouTube Channel! I’m constantly thinking back on those days and I am still so happy that I was able to experience it.

An Update On Postponed/Cancelled Shows

Due to COVID-19, a lot of events and shows have either been cancelled or postponed.

I wanted to make this post with every festival and shows that have been moved to another date or is cancelled. If I missed any, which I probably have because all of these announcements have been overwhelming and is hard to keep up with. Please comment them under this post so everyone can see the updates they might have missed.

I’ll update this list with your comments once a week until the end of March or longer if needed.

  • Subtronics (Cyclops Invasion Tour) has been cancelled
  • Beyond SoCal has been moved to June 19th & 20th
  • Arezzona has been moved to July 11th
  • BUKU has been moved to Labor Day weekend
  • Coachella has been postponed until October
  • Ultra has been postponed until 2021
  • Tomorrowland Winter has been cancelled
  • Pheonix Lights has been postponed (has not released the new date)
  • Kayzo has cancelled his upcoming spring tour
  • Miami Music Week has been cancelled
  • Get Lucky has been cancelled
  • Deja Voom has been cancelled
  • Excision has cancelled the rest of the Evolution Tour
  • Liquid Stranger has cancelled the rest of the Ascension Tour

If you have a long list that you would like to add to this list right away, message me on Instagram and I will add them right away! Thank you for helping me keep everyone updated on all events that have been cancelled or postponed. Everyone stay healthy out there and if you can, support your artists that are going through a lot right now. Remember that these artists have tried everything they can to keep this going but it is completely out of their control.


Meal Prep For A 3 Day Rave (Healthy, Easy & Cheap)

Let’s get right into it because I can’t contain the excitement of this healthy, easy & cheap hotel meal prep for a rave! I’ve never been that great with meal preps in general but I have been doing more research on meal prepping, and I believe it’s been helping me a lot!

Meal prepping is so important when you’re going to rave, whether you’re staying at a hotel or you’re camping. With how much energy you put into festivals, you have to make sure you take care of your body by eating healthy meals/snacks while also staying hydrated. Oh and let’s not forget that we also have to prevent our self from getting sick!

Doing all of this within the time frame you have always feel like some type of grocery shopping marathon. That’s why most people automatically resort to fast food and unhealthy snacks from the store.

I didn’t add any dinner options in this blog post!* I focused on breakfast, lunch and drinks! I will be making a separate blog post for dinner ideas because in most cases, you’ll already be at the rave or on your way during dinner time.


We all know the saying! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The biggest thing i’ll recommend is to try and get a hotel with breakfast included. You’ll save a lot of money and time by having this option. The bad thing about this is that breakfast at hotels stop at a certain time. This only works if you know you wont get back to the hotel until the morning anyway or you’re willing to wake up, pack up some food in your own to go container (yay! save the planet!) and put it in your fridge to eat later!

  1. Peanut Butter Energy Balls
    • I found this really easy recipe on Pinterest that is only five ingredients and there’s no cooking required. Perfect for snacking too!
    • You do have to mix the ingredients together so don’t forget to get some kind of bowl and a spoon. One tip I have is to not be afraid to use your hands with this one! It will mix a lot better and the taste will be more blended together than just using a spoon.
  2. Breakfast Sundaes!
    • What do you mean you didn’t know you could have a sundae for breakfast? Just put together some yogurt, granola, banana slices (and/or other fruit of your choice), and then put some agave or honey over that!
  • Quick Breakfast Ideas (little to no prep)
    1. Granola & Yogurt
    2. Pre Made Hard Boiled Eggs
    3. Cereal Bars
    4. Bowl of Fruit
    5. Rice Cakes w/ Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips


  1. Wraps
    • I’m Pescatarian so most of these meals are going to be based around that**
    • These wraps can be made exactly like buddha bowls but a more simple version
      • Ideas: Hummus, lettuce, vegan ham, tahini sauce, rice, avocado
  2. Tuna Sandwich
    1. Super easy but does require a bowl and spoon! Or use that extra solo cup you have!
      1. Mix a can of tuna (make sure you get the bag or a can with a tab or you’ll need a can opener), pickles or relish if you don’t want to cut up pickles, and mayo
      2. Put all that together with bread and enjoy!
  3. Cold Buddha Bowl
    1. All things can be found in a can, you just need a bowl and possibly a can opener
      • You can be creative with this even with no cooking involved but the basics are: A can of black beans, a can of corn, salsa, tortilla chips, avocado, some leafy greens (spinach or kale).
      • Yummy nutrient packed add ons could be: rice, tofu, sweet potato, chickpeas, cheese

Easy Snack Ideas:

  • PB & J Sandwich! Classic!
  • Protein Bar w/ Dried Fruit
  • Hummus & Veggies
  • Sandwich made with Avocado, Tomato & Vegan Mayo (or Regular Mayo)

Extra Snack Ideas (because you can never go wrong with too many snacks)

  1. Pre-Made Salads
    • The most popular ones are the bowls or the pre made bags. My favorite is the pre made Ceasar salad and it’s about $3.
    • Whole Foods, Sprouts & other specific grocery stores have salad bars where you can create a huge salad with fruits, veggies and sides. The price will range between $10-$15. I have only gotten a salad from both of these stores a couple of times but I believe the price is per pound.
  2. Snack Boxes
    • You can put your own touch/preference on these but these boxes are just to make sure you get your five key nutrients. Below are some examples you can use to ensure your box contains all five nutrients:
      • Protein – Edamame, jerky (there’s also many options for vegan jerky), boiled eggs, cottage cheese, hummus, trail mix, protein bar
      • Fat – Avocado, cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate, biscuits/pastries
      • Carbs – Banana, sweet potato, beetroot, oranges, pretzels, rice cakes
      • Vitamins – Carrots, spinach, asparagus, peppers, lentils, strawberries, butternut squash
      • Minerals – Nuts, mushrooms, citrus fruit, kale, whole wheat bread, fish


  1. Before we get into fun chasers, let’s do the healthy drinks first!
    • My NECESSARY Drinks: Pedialyte, Water/LaCroix, juices (my favorite is the cranberry pineapple juice), and tea
  2. My favorite pre PRE game drinks and chasers!
    • Pedialyte!
      • This may sound weird to some people but ravers know that Pedialyte is a NECESSITY in our life! Why not use this drink for your chaser!
    • Pre PRE Game!
      • The start of the day! The start of the partying! You’re not ready for shots yet but it’s time to start pre pregaming.
        • Everyone does this differently but my favorites are wine coolers like: White Claw, Smirnoff Ice, Twisted Tea, Dos Equis, Mike’s Hard (can’t forget the classic!)
  3. Bonus – Juices
    • If you have the time, find a coffee shop or some type of store that makes juices or has juices. This way you can cleanse your body and you make sure you get your veggies in. You can get enough for all three days or whatever you prefer.

Keep yourself healthy and energized on a budget. These are all fast, easy and doesn’t take much time. If you find this post helpful, become a Patron to unlock more secret tips & tricks for raves!

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Mistakes I Made At My First Camping Festival

Ahhh Wakaan Festival 2019, my very first camping festival. I want to share these mistakes I made that I honestly looked right past. I knew that people put these things on their ultimate festival camping lists but I didn’t know how necessary they actually were until I experienced this camping festival without these items. 

  1. I Didn’t Bring A Canopy
    • Oh, the one thing I regret the MOST. I didn’t know how important canopies were until I had to sit with the sun right on me with no privacy. Don’t get me wrong, my neighbors were wonderful at Wakaan Festival. They didn’t stare and gave us our privacy even though we were the only ones that didn’t have a canopy. If anything, they offered for my girlfriend and I to come sit under their canopy and come chill. Trust me, I wanted to but I’m so awkward and antisocial. I didn’t know how to say “okay!” and go over there. I wanted to get to know my neighbors more and step out of my comfort zone (like I always do but never succeed) but we just stayed sitting by ourselves in the hot sun.
    • Even if you can handle the sun and you’re not worried about not having your own privacy type curtain with your canopy and tapestries, I learned that it’s nice to separate your space from your neighbors. If you’ve ever camped at a festival before, you know that they squish you into between people as close as they can. When we were setting up our tent, our neighbor asked if they could put their tent a little bit on our side because they didn’t know how big it was until they set it up. Of course we let them because we didn’t have a canopy anyway so at first it looked like we were going to have a LOT of room leftover after setting everything up. WRONG! Their tent literally took up almost the entire space our canopy would have taken up if we had one. Let’s just say that getting in and out of our camping spot was a little rough and not what I had planned. Their tent blocked our way out of the left side and then our neighbor on our right put their shower right on our walkway. So yeah, you get the point. There was a lot of tripping on tent cords and gliding on my car just so we can get out and go back.
  2. Not Planning Food To Eat
    • We went to Walmart before we got to the festival to get things like juice, soda, snacks, sandwich stuff (oh and more snacks). We didn’t bring a stove, we didn’t bring any sort of table and we did not plan food AT ALL! Why didn’t it cross our minds that we are going to be at this camping festival for FOUR days and we’re going to be perfectly fine with the food we got? Our stomachs were so upset with us at the end of the festival because we had no choice but to live off the food truck food which was all greasy, fried, super unhealthy food. 
    • If you’re reading this because you’re getting ready for your first camping festival, PLEASE have a meal plan ready, bring a stove and table with you. Trust me,  it will make your experience so much better when you plan to eat fruits, veggies, protein, and whole foods. 
  3. Not Showering
    • Okay before you judge me…  yeah I have nothing to argue. PLEASE JUDGE ME! Wakaan Festival had showers so it was not their fault at all. I just got too caught up in the moment and convinced myself everyday that I didn’t need a shower or I just don’t have time to go take a shower. Of course you’re camping and you don’t need to take a shower everyday but after day 2, you start to feel gross and you have dirt and who knows what in your socks. My experience probably would have increased if I wasn’t so stubborn and I went to go take a shower. 
    • If you don’t want to take a shower at the festival itself, I would say to get the portable showers. Both of my neighbors had one and I wish we would have gotten one. Even just to change your clothes because changing into your rave fits or anything in general in a HOT, BOILING, SMALL tent is never fun. Our neighbor that we let them put their tent in our area offered us that we ever wanted to use their shower, we are more than welcome to which I thought was the sweetest thing. I bet you can guess though… I was too shy and awkward to ask if we could use it 😦 someone please teach me how to socialize!!
  4. Socialize And Make New Friends!
    • All this talk about being antisocial brings me to my next mistake. Remember that everyone is there for mostly the same reason. The music, vibes, and the experience. Take this from me, the most antisocial awkward human you will meet, talk to people and make new friends! I just made a video on 10 Items You Can Give People At Raves. This video is all about small little items that will make any ravers night and will help you strike up a conversation with people a lot easier! Even if you don’t have a problem with talking to people, these are just cute things you can still give people at raves. 
  5. A Tent Sun Reflector? What’s That?
    1. If I only knew what a sun reflector was, especially with no canopy… probably would have saved me from the heat. Even if you believe it’s not going to be that hot or you know you won’t be in the tent until you sleep, get a sun reflector! It will keep your tent way cooler and will also help you sleep longer in the morning when the sun comes out. I get hot very fast. I overheated very easily which SUCKS and I did not come prepared for that at all.

There were many things I could have done differently but I’m actually kind of happy I made these mistakes. Yeah, because of these mistakes I made the camping trip was slightly difficult but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. I feel like if I didn’t make all these mistakes, I wouldn’t know how much they’re going to truly help me in the future. My next camping festival is Wakaan Festival again! Before I go on this trip, I will definitely post my ultimate camping list!

Outfit Tips For Shows In The Winter (especially w/ NO coat check!)

Imagine this:

You’re on your way to a show, it’s freezing cold outside so you’re wearing your winter coat. You get inside the venue and it instantly feels like you’re in a SAUNA! You get past security and your first thought is “find the coat check. Where’s the coat check. Oh look there’s the bar! Okay wait, where’s the coat check?!” and … It is nowhere to be found! There is no coat check at all!

I’m saying this because I’ve experienced this way too much and the challenge of trying to stay warm until you get to the venue but also wear something that you won’t die of heat when you actually get there is a challenge.

These tips are especially inspired by this scenario. I wanted to give five outfit ideas/tips to keep you warm but still stay cute on your night outs.

  1. Wear A Pashmina Or Jersey
    • Pashminas are the easy way if you don’t want to bring some kind of bag. I only wear a jersey when I am bring my hydration pack or backpack so if I get too hot when I get inside, I can easily fold it and put it in my bag! A jersey folds a lot smaller than a jacket and trust me, it will keep you warm! Especially long sleeve jerseys!
  2. One Short, One Long Rule
    • I pretty much do this every time I go to a show, even if it’s not the winter time. I either wear long sleeve with shorts or pants with a crop top. You can get as creative as you can with this.
      • A couple ideas:
        • pants/joggers, a crop top, and throw a jersey on
        • fishnets, knee high socks. shorts, a long sleeve crop top with a pashmina
        • joggers with leggings underneath, a crop top and a jersey
        • oversized hoodie, cute statement belt, knee high socks paired with knee high boots
  3. Hand Warmers
    • This won’t keep you that warm but this helps so much! Hand warmers are just a small little add to help keep you warm
  4. Fluffy Jackets!
    • Sadly, I don’t own a fluffy jacket but you can never go wrong with adding a fluffy jacket to your outfit! I think these jackets are the cutest thing and with the range of colors and patterns that are now available, it’s a great add to any winter outfit
  5. Be Smart With The Layers
    • There are so many options with rave fashion now, it is so so beautiful! You can wear leggings, the cropped shrug tops, gloves/sleeves, scarves and many more! It may seem like a lot, but most of the fabric companies use for these pieces of clothing are thin. You will stay warm outside and inside and if you have to, you can take some of these layers off! I would say to wear some kind of bag or fanny pack with this look so you have somewhere to put these extra layers if needed.