Raving Smarter BEFORE & AFTER A Rave

Before I start this, I wanted to say that the picture I used for this post is from EDC Las Vegas! I have been talking non stop about this for a long time and the “official” countdown is almost here! The lineup and theme will be announced next week and I could not be more excited! I will be doing a very special blog post soon that involves the lineup! If you’re always looking for music recommendations, I would keep an eye out for this one!

There is nothing worse than the tiredness and pain you’re in after a rave! A whole night of standing, dancing, sweating, and sometimes dehydration or a huge hangover takes a huge toll on your body. Especially if you go to a rave that is multiple days. You want to be as healthy as you can and recover as fast as you can so you can be your best for the next day or the next couple days. Luckily, there are things that can help you before and after a rave/festival to help keep up that festival energy!

Here are 5 tips each on how to rave smarter BEFORE & AFTER a rave!

Raving Tips for BEFORE the rave:

  1. Take your vitamins and drink your Pedialyte!
    • I would start taking the vitamins at least three days before the event but if you can and would remember, start taking the vitamins a week before. The main vitamins I would focus on taking before the rave is Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron, Fish Oil and Multivitamin.
    • With the Pedialyte, even if you’re very good at drinking water at raves, it’s good to drink at least one bottle before you leave. You can use it to just drink (so you can take your vitamins!), use it as a chaser (take my word on this, one of the best chasers I’ve ever used!), make mixed drinks with it, play Russian roulette as a pregame, and a lot more if you can get creative enough.
  2. Prepare a small bag ready of essentials that will keep everyone happy!
    • In my small bag, I have: 3 packs of gum, two chap-sticks, lozenges that help with dry mouth (I got them at Target!), Vicks or Boom Boom for your nose, travel tissue, baby wipes, and a lighter. I just keep this small makeup bag in my hydration pack! It sounds like a lot of things but I usually use everything in the bag and sometimes run out in one night.
  3. Pack some more essentials in your hydration pack!
    • Some things I would recommend bringing even if you don’t use them or feel like you won’t need them is: ponchos, face mask (put essential oil on the mask before you leave to help you breathe better), sunglasses, diffraction glasses, an extra pashmina or some kind of long sleeve if you know either you or someone in your rave family gets cold easily, a mini first aid kit, small flow toys like an orbit or a flow ring.
    • Another reason I keep an extra pashmina in my hydration pack is because I have always wanted to trade/give someone a pashmina but I just haven’t had the opportunity yet.
  4. Start strong by eating healthy before!
    • I am guilty of this too. It’s a lot easier to get fast food and eat it throughout the next couple days. Try to go to the grocery store and get fruits and veggies you can snack on. Try to stay away from junk food and unhealthy snacks as much as you can! Your body will most definitely thank you later. Also keep in mind that you might get hungry and get food at the rave. Most food at raves are so unhealthy and EVERYTHING is fried! But WOW IS IT SO SO GOOD! Balance out this festival food with your healthy food.
  5. Find Your Meeting Spot Before You Get To The Festival
    • When the festival map releases, send it to your rave family and pick a meeting spot in case someone or multiple people get lost. You can always do this at the festival but doing it before will save a lot of trouble and stress. Before your group separates, I would go to the meeting spot you guys chose so everyone knows how to get there.

Raving Tips for AFTER the rave:

  1. This one is similar to the first tip for BEFORE the rave but a little different. Take 5-HTP. DO NOT take this before the rave. If you are taking any substances, it can cause serotonin syndrome. Please do research on this before you take it. If you take any substance, wait at LEAST 24 hours afterwards. If you forget to take 5-HTP when you get back to your hotel or wherever you’re staying, don’t take it before you head to day 2.
  2. Put on a hydrating or charcoal face mask before you go to sleep!
    1. This goes for EVERYONE. You put your skin through a lot at raves! With makeup, dirt, constantly touching your face, etc. Most masks only take 10 minutes and is so worth it. Cleanse and detox your skin to prevent breakouts and keep your skin bright! I usually use sheet masks after day 1 and then detox and vitamin c masks after that
  3. Drink Pedialyte & Emerg-C
    • Stay hydrated and prevent yourself from getting sick by drinking both of these. Of course this won’t prevent everything but it will definitely help a lot. If you have b-12 or you’re able to get it, I would recommend taking this too since your energy levels might be low from all the dancing and partying that weekend!
  4. Eat Good Food!
    • Recover your body from that yummy but greasy festival food! Eat lots of fruit, veggies and food filled with protein. If you have another day raving or even two or THREE more days raving, I understand the struggle of not having time to eat anything or even have the feeling to eat when you get back to the hotel. If you’re feeling this way, try to at least eat a protein bar and snack on some fruit.
  5. Sit/Lay Down As Much As Possible
    • Of course you’re not going to be able to stay sitting the entire time your rave day ends, but try your best to rest when you can. After standing and moving that much for a long period of time, your body will recover faster when you let it rest.

10 Unique Etsy Shops Every Raver Should Check Out

Listen… Etsy is my LIFE! Everytime I start online shopping, the first tab I open is always Etsy. With SHEIN now coming in close second because I’ve been kind of obsessed with how cheap the clothing is. With festival season approaching, I wanted to share TEN of my favorite rave shops on Etsy! I’m very excited but my wallet is also crying because I started my 2020 festival outfit shopping this month!

  1. RageNationAppareal
    1. I have gotten two pashminas and a shirt from this shop. You have probably seen at least one person wearing this shop’s pashminas. This shop is very popular and there’s a reason for that! I would try out their pashminas for sure! The fabric is thick, the patterns are beautiful and there the perfect size for all the pashmina needs!
  2. Peridotcloth
    1. My favorite shop by far! I’ve only gotten one thing from this shop but I’m obsessed with their designs. The picture’s don’t even compare to the quality of the products. I already know that I’m going to do one of my EDC Las Vegas outfits (less than 100 days away! I can’t believe it!) that’s primarily peridotcloth products! Especially with the amount of customization they offer. I’ve known about this shop since I have started raving and I’m so proud that they have their own website now!
    1. Like the shop I just mentioned, I’ve only gotten one item from them. I got bottoms about a year ago and I loved them! They’re great quality and they have so many unique designs that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. One thing I will say just from my experience, I would order a size up in the bottoms. I don’t remember if I ordered an x small or small (I’m typically a small in everything), but they were very tight and looked kind of unflattering because of the type of fabric and how tight it was. I still made them work and wore them under this Liquid Stranger shirt I got on Etsy too.
  4. OneStopRave
    1. I actually discovered this shop because of Erika and Frida (If you don’t know who they are, they’re festival content creators). I believe it was one of their rave vlogs where they did a photo shoot with them and I thought their outfits were so cute! I haven’t ordered anything from this shop but I would definitely check them out!
  5. DevilWalking
    1. If you’ve been looking for one of a kind, trippy clothing this shop is for you! The Circuit Cut Long Sleeve has been calling my name and I MIGHT keep that one in mind for an upcoming rave!
  6. MakeSomeGood
    1. This one isn’t clothes but cute pieces for kandi! I have so many favorites, this shop really has everything! 
    2. Another shop I like for kandi beads is delishbeads!
  7. Elven Forest
    1. This shop has more of a fairy, bohemian vibe. The festival fairy look is my favorite! Not only for festivals but for everyday wear as well. Even if you don’t like this style, I would still check it out. You might find something you like!
    2. Another boho style shop I would check out is GypsyCollectiveCo!
  8. GlitterRomance
    1. I was going to get the blue lightning top for HiJinx but I ran out of time and I wasn’t able to order it. I don’t know the term for sewing and all that but the cuts, string, and designs of this shop amaze me every time they come out with something new! I’m not that into bodysuits but for some reason their bodysuits always catch my eye. I’ve never ordered anything from this shop but by the looks of the designs and reading the reviews, I would check this shop out.
  9. CoquetryClothing
    1. To be honest, I don’t have much to say about this shop because I’ve only recently discovered them. A couple things I LOVE about this shop are their bottoms that lace up in the back, the shorts and their crop tops!
  10. BlazedxConfused
    1. The techno collection is my favorite by far! Even though I do like the other collections, this is the one I will probably try first when I order from this shop for the first time.

If you liked any of these shops, don’t forget to favorite their shop and follow them on their socials! Small businesses deserve so much. Everytime I order something off of Etsy, it’s just so different from buying something from larger companies! The product and packaging is always so thought out and you can tell how much love goes into their work. 

Of course I had to take this opportunity to promote my new shop on Etsy! Come to us for any tye dye, custom design ideas on crop tops, sweatpants, and more! Everything tye dye is always custom dyed. Put any logo or design on any shirt or style we have in stock!

Our shop isn’t open yet but it will open beginning of March! This gives you time to get all your orders in for festival season!

This shop is run by my girlfriend and I. This shop was started so we can start saving up money for our future business! We are in an amazing place in our life where we almost have the complete business plan and now we just need the money to open our business! More info on all of this very soon but it will be a rave themed bar/venue! This bar is going to be one of a kind and something like you have never seen before. 

GloFx Space Whip Remix Review

I don’t want to start this any other way than WOW THIS NEW PIXEL WHIP REMIX IS BEAUTIFUL!

I haven’t tried many companies that sell flow toys. I’ve only tried one whip from Fiberflies I bought from someone on Instagram. I’ve always loved GloFx products and they will always be my first choice when getting flow toys or any of the other products they have! Except hoops and sometimes poi, I get those flow toys from small shops on Etsy or Instagram. I wouldn’t say I have a huge collection but I do have the Orbit, Space whip (I’m not sure if it was called the remix or it had a different name but I got my very first whip about two years ago), and poi. Trust me, the collection will grow over time, I have my eye on so many things! 

I’ve recently gotten the new remix for Christmas so I’ve had it for two months now. After being able to play around with the settings and learning how to use a whip that HAS AN OPTION TO SWITCH THE FIBERS. I’m sorry for the all caps but this was such a genius idea to have fibers that can easily be switched using only the handle. I got the Space Whip Remix – Premier Bundle which comes with:

  • Two fibers
  • Flow grease
  • Safety glasses
  • Handle grip
  • Battery charger
  • Packet with all the different settings

GloFx Website: https://glofx.com/

The new sparkle fiber is unreal. When I first took the fibers out of the packaging, I connected the ‘regular’ fibers first to the handle and thought that was the new sparkle fiber. The colors and fibers have definitely improved though along the with the new settings but I was so confused. I’ve seen so many videos on the new sparkle fibers and was STUNNED by the beauty of the flow it gave you. I was wondering why I wasn’t able to achieve that with my new fibers. Then I switched to the other fiber and EVERYTHING started to make so much sense! I was in awe for so long by how different and unique this remix is. At this time, I didn’t even start flowing with it yet and I was amazed by the quality and improvement of GloFx whips.

From what I’ve experienced, the battery lasts longer than my original whip. I don’t know if this matters but I never had the rechargeable battery for my whip until I got my new remix whip bundle pack. The lights on my first whip would last about 20-30 hours until I had to change the batteries, which is 3 AAA batteries. 

The handle is also WAY lighter which was a little difficult to get used to but in a good way of course! Even though the counterweight is now lighter, I’ve noticed that my flow is improving since I started using the new handle/whip (you can’t separate the fiber head and handle with the original whip). Also, my ankles aren’t getting bruised every flow sesh now that I have a handle with the grip! I had the option to get a fiber grip for my original whip but I just never did!

I love that I can change my fibers to how my flow sesh is feeling. 

The only cons I have is that I feel like the fibers unwrap faster and more often than my original pixel whip.

Fibers coming out is fairly normal but I haven’t experienced losing so many fibers in such a short amount of time. This whip does have more fibers than my original so I cannot tell how many fibers are missing. I haven’t been the best at wrapping my whip since I started but I need to figure out a new way or solution to make sure these new fibers stay wrapped tightly. It hurts SO much when the fibers poke your eye. 

This is a weird comparison but you know how LED hoops are for more experienced hoopers because it’s not meant to be dropped very often? I believe the new space whip remix is similar to that. I try not to use that one often because the fibers do fall out faster than my other whip. I wouldn’t be afraid to use it though, I would just use it in moderation and not when you’re practicing in extended flow sessions, just like LED hoops. If I’m wrong about this comparison, I’m very sorry! I’ve only heard about this “rule” from other hoopers. I’m ONLY experienced in pixel whips and recently started learning hoop. I’m still a beginner hooper.

Overall, this is my new favorite whip in my collection. It makes me sad saying this but I do use the new whip way more than my original now. I will always have a place in my heart for my first whip and use it every now and then. I’m so happy with my progress in my flow lately, especially with more complex tricks because of the lighter counterweight and different allusions with the sparkle fibers.

My Flow Account: https://www.instagram.com/centeredflow_/

The Importance Of Taking Time To Yourself

This year was the first year that I’ve truly figured out what it means to take time for yourself. Ever since I graduated high school, I’ve been in a constant state of go, go, go. At the time I didn’t think it was a problem at all. Never resting and constantly going in life is the norm right? It’s just what people do?

For most, wasting time should be avoided at all costs. Even though you should always work hard and push yourself even harder to achieve your passions, we can’t forget that you need time to yourself to re energize. You have to build yourself around your limits.

Taking time to yourself. The time where it can help a type of rediscovery. It’s the time to take a step back and take a deep breath. When you don’t do this act of self love, your life starts to become a race with no checkpoints. Before you get to the finish line, you need to take care of your well-being and stop when needed in order to finish the race. 

Taking time to yourself is so important, it’s one of the top ways of self care. 


  1. Keep Your Mind Clear 
    • Keeping your mind clear emotionally and mentally is very important. Take a moment to write down your thoughts and reminders so you can fully empty your mind. Even if it’s just for a couple minutes. Being mentally overwhelmed can take a huge toll on you.
  1. Focus On Setting Your Priorities
    • You don’t need to follow the footsteps of everyone else in your life or anyone around your life. Become your own person with your own intentions. Do what makes you happy and focus on creating your current reality.
  1. Simplify Your Life
    • Making this short and well, simple; If your mind feels cluttered, your life is probably filled with some type of clutter. These things don’t need to be materialistic either, it can be a calendar that is cluttered with to-do’s, your planner getting fully booked, etc.

Benefits Of Taking Time To Yourself:

  • Improves concentration
  • Helps control your emotions
  • Builds your self esteem
  • Ability to sleep better
  • Stronger realization of your surroundings
  • This time can help you figure out what your passions are
  • Helps you have better sleep
  • More clarity, less distraction  

10 Ways On How To Take “Me” Time:

  1. Take a walk
  2. Read a book
  3. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  4. Writing or journaling
  5. Stay off all technology/social media for at least an hour
  6. Spend time with people you care about
  7. Try a new fitness class
  8. Take one day out of the month to make a whole day to yourself
  9. Do a guided meditation
  10. Listen to a podcast

Never feel guilty for wanting to take time for yourself. Doing simple things to have that time, even if it’s for 30 minutes a day is so important for your health. When people think of how to do this with such a busy schedule, they often overthink what this actually means (including me). You might already be taking this time but you’re not letting yourself relax and cherish these moments while it’s happening. If you already do the things I mentioned above and other ways to take time for yourself but don’t know how to enjoy it, do some research on how to quiet your mind, body and soul. Continue practicing this and just like meditation, it will get easier over time.

How I Plan My Rave Outfits

We all do it differently. I know there’s people out there that are like me and have this whole system, everything is detailed and down to a tee planning any and all rave outfits. I thought of this post because everytime I plan my outfits, I have this whole system that I’ve MASTERED.


  1. Start With A Theme (Or Multiple Themes)
    1. Start with your theme or multiple themes if the festival is multiple days. If the festival is one day or multiple, I will plan all of the themes first or have a general idea of what I want my outfits to look like. To save us time, we’re just going to say it’s one day for the examples I’m going to use in this post!
      1. Theme Ideas: monochromatic, pattern, neon, base the outfit around black joggers, bodysuit with harness, etc

Important: Know how long you’re going to need to plan your outfits. I usually take 3 months to plan or for the huge main raves like edc las vegas, I like to give myself at least 6 months to plan! My biggest problem is making sure that my outfit is exactly what i want because you don’t have much time to switch up your outfits. And if you do, it’s pretty stressful no matter how big or small the rave is. For example: Hijinx day one and two, I only took about two months to figure out my outfits.

  1. Summer Rave Or Winter Rave? 
    1. If you need to dress a little warmer than a summer rave, it is VERY important to make sure you accurately plan how many layers you need. I get cold very easily so I make sure I figure this out before I start planning the outfit. If it’s a winter rave, you might want to plan a cute cover up, racing pants, joggers, sheer pants, etc to pair with your outfit. I always make sure I have at least one layer in my hydration pack no matter what and two layers if it’s an outside festival. That layer is usually a pashmina and for winter festivals I bring a pash and either some type of pants or a crewneck (sweater). After HiJinx, my go to might change to jerseys though. I brought my Subtronics jersey and it kept me warm all night!
  1. If You Plan On Getting CUSTOM Outfits –
    1. If you know you want something custom, PLEASE try to plan that 5-6 months in advance! Sometimes you don’t know how long it’s going to take or if the company is behind. It can really slow your planning down for outfits and it’s just better to be prepared 
      1. Try to support your favorite small rave shops and other small businesses with custom requests!
    1. Now you can finally plan your outfit! You have your theme, you have your time crunch and now you know if you need to plan for extra layers or not.
      1. WAIT! Before you start scrolling online, look in your rave closet and see what you have! It’s always better to save money if you can. You can always have different and unique outfits while re wearing rave wear.
      2. If you know you have something that matches the theme you want to go with, even if its leftover pasties you never used, a sheer bra, bottoms, etc, you can start basing your outfit around that.
  2. Start With Bottoms
    1. Knowing if you’re going to go with cheeky bottoms, high rise bottoms, a skirt, pants or shorts, etc helps a lot in planning the rest of your outfit
  3. Now Plan Your Top
    1. This can also range from a long sleeve, regular t shirt, crop top, bralette, bikini, bodysuit, etc  

When finding your outfits in general, start with your favorite online stores where you love shopping for rave clothes. 

  1. Time For Accessories – Part One!
    1.  I plan my face mask and harnesses if i’m wearing any. I know this is very specific but this is the best way that I know! I almost always have a face mask. There are so many benefits to face masks. Ever since I started using them a lot more, I don’t get as sick as I used to after a rave. Whether it’s the face mask that goes around your neck or the mouth face mask, I figure out which one will look better with the outfit.
    2. Then you plan your harnesses. I think harnesses make the rave outfit really pop and makes it look way more put together! I usually start with one harness. There’s a lot of options so if you do want to wear one or multiple, start with one and go from there. Amazon has many great cheap harnesses but keep in mind that if you are small, you most likely will have to cut your own hole in the harness, X-Acto knives are the best and cleanest way to do that! Thank you @schmxnderz (Her Instagram) for this amazing life hack! Keep in mind that harnesses can come in leather, silk, fabric, etc
  2. Time For Accessories – Part Two!
    1. Next I plan the small but important things. This is honestly the most exciting and my favorite part! The small accessories really bring your entire outfit together! You can wear fishnets, knee high socks, gloves, pashminas, bracelets, necklaces, hats, sunglasses, the possibilities are endless!

Of course (or maybe not of course?) there are way more steps than this like ordering the rave fits, trying them on and HOPEFULLY there are no mishaps, you need to figure out your shoes, and well, you get the point. There are steps upon steps but I’ve been doing this way for a while and it has saved me a lot of stress.

Now one more thing before I end this. One of my bad habits is thinking that everything is going too work because I pictured it in my head and it looked great! Save yourself trouble and TRY your outfits on before the event! I can’t even count how many times I was running around like crazy because what I thought was going to work did not work AT ALL!

20 Pregaming Questions While Drinking (PLUS 3 Games!)

Here are 20 questions that I’ve worked on for awhile and I hope these bring laughs to the group, keeping them entertained and hyped!

  1. What are you drinking now and what is your go to drink at the bar?
  2. What is your favorite pregame song?
  3. Who is most likely to black out?
  4. What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?
  5. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
  6. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  7. What can you talk about for hours?
  8. What is the story on how you got your name?
  9. What’s one “old person” thing that you do?
  10. How come you never read about a psychic winning the lottery?
  11. Would you rather keep your current sleep schedule or hibernate for 3 months and have 9 months of 24/7 alertness without being tired?
  12. What is the funniest joke you know by heart?
  13. Why does grape flavor smell the way it is when actual grapes don’t smell anything like it? 
  14. What did you say as a kid when you were asked: “what do you want to be when you’re older?”
  15. What are you looking forward to most right now?
  16. Would you rather wear shoes every single second for the rest of your life or never be allowed to wear shoes ever again?
  17. Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?
  18. If you were a transformer, would you need car or life insurance?
  19. What, if anything, do you consider yourself obsessed with?
  20. Who’s the lightweight in the room?

Most of these can hold a long conversation, so these might take awhile to finish!

Sometimes you do run out of questions or it starts to get less interesting so you want to do more than just questions. Either way, I understand and I am here for you!

Here are 3 pregaming games!

  1. Circle Of Death
    1. This one is easy and can go a lot of ways!
      1. How You Play: Take a can of beer or whatever you prefer that has a tab on it and spread out a deck of cards around it in a circle
      2. Each person takes a card, going around one person at a time putting a card underneath the tab. Eventually the tab will pop & open and the person who it pops on, drinks the beer or what you chose.
        • There are a lot of different ways to make this more interesting than just going in a circle putting cards underneath the tab
          • Never Have I Ever
            1. Coming up with questions on the spot is a little tricky so you can look up questions online or I know there is a card game where you can randomly choose cards (make it easy on yourself)
          • If you don’t want to sit around and do the pregaming questions, play this game with those questions! 
  • Write them down in separate small pieces of paper and put it in a bowl. Everyone can go around and read one question. Once you answer, put a card underneath the tab one by one 

– BONUS TIP: Now you can make up your own or use the ideas I mentioned above but if you wanted to make any of these a little extra fun or challenging, put a dare on your can of beer and the person who loses gets to choose who does the dare. Makes it interesting and includes more than just one person at the end.

– BONUS TIP #2: If you know you’re going to do a couple rounds of this game and this version,  I would put dares on however many rounds you think you’re going to do, move them around a little bit and randomly grab the cans as you go

  1. Flip Cup
    1. This one’s a classic and very simple. You fill about 6 cups, ¾ of the way on the sides of a table. Two players go one at one time across from each other. You drink what is in your cup, flip the cup from the wider side (drinking side) starting half way on the table then flip right side up. The first person who finishes first, wins!

  1. Drunk Jenga
    1. Okay I’m going to be completely honest with you, this one (in my opinion) gets boring fast. I’ve played my fair share of jenga and I get tired of playing it after about five games. This is just my opinion though, you can play this for hours and have an amazing time but I like playing this game when you’re just about to head out the door, but you’re still waiting on someone or something.
      • This one is simple! Set up your game of jenga and whoever makes it fall, takes a shot! This one is fun to play in partners as well!

HiJinx 2019 Review

December 24th, 2019

Before The Festival:

I’m someone who likes to research like crazy before going somewhere, especially raves/festivals. Since I’ve never gone to HiJinx before, I wanted to make sure I did a little bit of research of what it’s like. What the outfits are like, the reviews of it from previous years, looking at the pros and cons, the vibe overall, etc.

My thoughts: Even though I believe that the ticket prices were a little overpriced, the lineup makes up for it. This lineup is solid and now that the set times are out, I feel so restless and I’m ready to rave! I’ve also never seen photos from an inside festival like HiJinx where everyone’s rave outfits are so creative. I didn’t like it at first that HiJinx ended so early (at first I thought it ended at 10) but then they announced the official afterparties and it all came full circle! A whole night of dancing with amazing artists to choose from. Last year was the first year of HiJinx so overall from what I’ve heard and this year it sold out, this is going to a memorable experience!

The cons I read: This is my first HiJinx so I’m staying open minded on how this experience is going to be. I went on Reddit and did read cons that were common and kept repeating. 

1. Many people said that the sound quality was not so great last year. The sound was unrecognizable when you were in the back of the crowd, but if you were too close, it was way to loud. I also kept seeing that “the area by the tenatacles is where to be” which confused me so much until I looked up pictures and now I understand that they seriously meant the TENTACLES!

2. When I was looking up #hijinx on Instagram, I got very excited! Mostly everyone was wearing regular rave clothes that didn’t include pants or joggers! That gave me hope that it stays warm inside the convention center, but I did read multiple times that if you like the back of the crowd you are going to feel cold wind throughout the night and won’t stay as warm as you would in the crowd.

Picture Credit: https://edmidentity.com/2019/09/12/hijinx-2019-lineup-announce/

December 30th, 2019

After The Festival:

  • I don’t want to start this any other way than WOW! I’ve only been to one inside festival (Foam Wonderland 2019) so I will say that I don’t have many events to compare it to in my experience but HiJinx was a truly unforgettable experience. Everything ran pretty smoothly. The lines for the restrooms, the food, and vendors were going fairly fast. There were regular restrooms and many porta potties as well. Sometimes the regular restrooms went a lot faster than the porta potties even though the line was longer.

The decorations were so cute and well thought out. You will see in my video I posted on my YouTube Channel that there were inflatable monsters everywhere, tentacles and more monsters hanging from the ceiling. Let’s not forget about the inflatable “HIJINX” sign! We went by that sign multiple times both days because not only was it placed very well and you could see the stage right below the sign but the sound quality was still amazing! You could hear all the words even in the way back. 

One thing I want to add is that day two was colder inside than day one. I like to stay in the back of the crowd and the cold was kind of unbearable at some points. Even if you would go more into the crowd to warm up, it wouldn’t help very much. Thankfully I had my pashmina to keep me warm but we did have to buy a jacket and a cloak because we couldn’t handle how cold it was. Later in the night, it did get more warm but I feel like if we didn’t get those extra layers, we would still be freezing.

Drink & Food Prices: There weren’t a lot of food options. Unless I missed a couple vendors, I only saw pretzels and grilled cheese by the restrooms. I tried the pretzel sticks day 1 and it wasn’t that great. It was hard to eat and not warm. I had to just eat the inside because I could not chew threw the outside. Day 2 I tried the grilled cheese, and the line worked a little weird. They had several options to choose from but you could only get what was ready when you finally got to the front of the line. I wanted to order the grilled cheese with tomato but it wasn’t ready so I just had to grab the classic. I do want to add that I don’t eat meat and I could taste that they make all grilled cheeses on the same grill. You could taste the burgers and bacon on the grilled cheese. I’m not sure how much the drink prices were but from what I saw, they didn’t have a lot of options. They had beer and white claw everywhere though. You would always see people walking around, selling beer, water and white claws. They would even walk in the crowd with a flashlight trying to sell drinks. For water refills, I only saw one refill station and it did take a while to fill up your water. For day 1, I filled up my hydration pack with the sink in the bathroom which was SO much faster and day 2, I just used the water fountains.

Ticket Prices – Worth It?: I was hesitant at first on why the tickets were so expensive but after going to HiJinx, I will say that the ticket prices ARE worth it. One complaint I have is that they should have more food and drink options. If you want to go next year, I would try and get Tier 1 if you can. I got Tier 2 but if I had to get Tier 3, I really don’t think I would have gotten my tickets and went to the festival. There was a lot of photo opportunities, the sound was great, the stage was well thought out and THE LASERS were insane! The process to get in was easy and whether you like to be in the front, side, or back of the crowd, there is a place for you! 

Sound Quality: Like I added in my entry before the festival, I read a lot of comments that the sound quality was not good unless you were really close to the stage. I would say that they listened to everyone and fixed that issue. No matter where we were in the crowd, the sound quality was perfect. Even in the way back where you can sit and eat, by the vendors.

Ravers (the overall crowd vibes): Everyone was so nice! I really don’t have anything to say other than how friendly everyone was. The vibes and energy was unreal. For both days, the moment you walked into the convention center, you could feel the amazing energy from everyone there. I’m someone that likes to keep to myself and not talk to many people. Nothing against anyone, I’m just a very shy person but at HiJinx it was so easy to talk to everyone! PLUR was very strong at HiJinx Festival. 

One thing I will never forget is when we were walking around and looking at all the vendors. We were trying to find this light up ring that we saw everyone had. We were looking everywhere and couldn’t find it! I saw these group of people walk by and this person had the light up ring. I asked the guy where he got his ring because I’ve we have been looking for one. He told me that someone actually just gave it to him and he didn’t know where they got it from. Then he asked me if I wanted the ring and I was SO THANKFUL! I was about to cry. He gave me the ring and wished me a happy HiJinx! Thank you again whoever you were! You seriously made the rest of my night.

Overall, HiJinx was an amazing time! I probably won’t be going next year because I want to experience another end of the year festival in 2020! Lights All Night and Countdown NYE is definitely on the bucket list. Especially with the new year AND new decade, this year should be about new beginnings and experiences. Here’s to 2020! *clink*

Easy Ways To Take Rave Pictures At Home

I thought of this idea when I wanted to take pictures for a blog post but I was busy, I couldn’t think of how I was going to add time to do my makeup.

So I took some time one day and I thought of these ideas on easy ways to take rave pictures at home that hopefully help you as much as they helped me!

Especially in the winter, I would say it is harder than usual to go outside or somewhere outside of your home to get a good rave picture. Most of us slow down on raves in the winter but we still want that instagram feed to be filled with cute rave pictures! Of course you can post old ones but you can run out of those fast or you need/want something new.

These tips can also be used at raves, in public, or wherever you like to take pictures but the steps are mainly focused on ways to take pictures in your home or quick easy ways that still make the picture POP!

  1. Focus on the rave. Booty.
    1. If you stay focused on the picture being mainly focused on your back side or your rave booty than you don’t even have to worry about doing your makeup. Brush your hair, put your rave outfit on and get creative!

Picture Credit: @fancy_peach_babe

  1. Use your fan for the main focal point
    1. I would say this tip is mainly towards the awkward, shy, new to the photo game people (like myself). Moving your fan around your body, your face, getting a candid shot of you using it or just opening and closing it is a great way to beautiful shots while having something to hold or put the picture on something that’s not just yourself, so you’re not standing there awkward with no clue on what to do or how to pose. P.s: this is me 80% of the time taking pictures, I AM WITH YOU. Even though these pictures would be more dramatic if you had time to do makeup, it’s not necessary.

Picture Credit: @centeredthroughtheflow (me!)

Picture Credit: @dplurprincess (The Beautiful PLUR Princess!)

  1. Step back from the outfits and focus on eye makeup! Use a face mask!
    1. If you have a little extra time, it’s a lot of fun doing dramatic eye makeup (this is also helping practice makeup so yay for getting better at rave looks at the same time!) and not really focusing on the outfit. Put a face mask on and have fun being dramatic, fierce, funny, whatever you’re feeling! The options are endless when the main focus in the picture is your rave/face mask and your eyes. 
      1. Tips when taking these: especially when your focus is on your face, like a portrait, figure out your favorite angles and practicing facial expressions with the mask on before you take this. This saves you from getting in front of the camera and having NO CLUE what to do. Remember that you can’t see your mouth so you have to express with your eyes and angles.

Picture Credit: @thesparklingunicorns (She also makes face masks!)

Picture Credit: @_.m.iranda

  1. The typical “LOOK AT MY SHOES” pose
    1. Now everyone knows about this pose. I’ll put a couple examples here and you will feel the lightbulb go off on knowing what pose this is.
    2. This is a great pose that not only focus on your shoes (obviously), but it does focus on your outfit as well. This one is going to take a little extra time if you want to make it unique but it’s definitely worth it and I feel like it puts a nice touch on anyones insta feed. 

Picture Credit: @xmoonkissed

Picture Credit: punkdesignshop

Picture Credit: @kendrazager

  1. Focus on the collarbones 
    1. This one is going to be a little more difficult to explain but I will insert a picture I did at Wakaan Festival so it makes more sense. I really love the look of focusing on your collar bones and and jewelry you have on. Glitter puts a BEAUTIFUL touch on these pictures too.

These can all feel a little weird at first, so keep trying and remember that if it doesn’t feel awkward, you’re not doing it right! Most pictures I take when I feel the most awkward, are some of the best pictures I’ve taken! Ask any model if they ever felt awkward taking pictures, they will most likely say yes!

Now this is a little random and not part of the tips but if you can afford it and are serious about pictures; say you want to grow your social media, you have a blog or you just like taking REALLY good pictures for fun, I fully recommend investing in lights (I use shadow box lights HERE). You don’t need a camera to take pictures either, I use THIS tripod and use my phone to take pictures.

If you can’t afford lights, don’t worry! Try to focus on taking pictures during the day in front of a window! Honestly window lighting is sometimes way better than shadow box lighting. It all depends what vibe you want to go for. Natural or more studio lighting.

Where To Find Cheap Rave Clothing

As ravers, we all know that rave clothing can get expensive. REAL expensive. The prices can definitely add up over time with those rave fits you’ve been collecting!

Sometimes we’re able to splurge, but most of the time we like to know all the budget friendly places we can go for rave clothes while still having top notch rave outfits. I made a list of FIVE places to find cheap rave clothing and the best sections to look in each one.

  1. SHEIN
    1. This clothing store is getting more and more popular everyday. They add hundreds of new clothing every single day with very low prices
      1. I have found so many options on here for summer and winter rave clothing! All the other seasons too of course, I’m just focusing on warm and cold weather rave outfits.
        1. The bikini sets are usually around $10-$20 and there are SO many options! With these beautiful sets, you can have a full rave fit for less than $20! 
        2. I have found cute shimmery crop tops in the “Tops” section too!
        3. If you have time to browse this site, you can find rave clothes throughout the whole store (especially the accessories!).
  2. Amazon
    1. This one is probably the most common one you can think of. It’s a no brainier that Amazon has cheap affordable things no matter what it is. 
      1. If you haven’t already, just type “rave clothing” and you will find pages of cheap things
      2. Now most of the time, I usually see IHeartRaves clothing on it so it can be tough finding items other than that. If you feel yourself at the end of the search or just not really finding what you’re looking for, look up things like party outfits, bodysuits, party clothes, etc
  3. Instagram
    1. I’m not talking about shops on Instagram, I’m talking about rave closets! I have found great quality rave outfits for as much as 50% off! There are many ravers out there that have a separate page called their “rave closet” where they sell their old rave clothes for pretty cheap
      1. Most of these clothes are marked as only wore once or never at all! These pages can be found by putting in #ravecloset and many will pop up! 
  4. Second hand selling apps
    1. There are a couple of very popular apps where you can put your clothes you’re trying to sell and be able to ship them wherever they are sold. These used to not be so popular and you would only have the option to sell your items to people that are local to you.
      1. There are apps like Poshmark, Depop, and thredUP.
  5. IHeartRaves
    1. I always preach about supporting small shops but one thing I will agree on is that IHeartRaves has very reasonable prices for all rave clothing. Mostly every beginner raver starts by getting clothes at IHeartRaves for a reason. The prices are low for good quality clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Now I will always say if you have the extra money to splurge on at least your rave bottoms, face mask, top, etc, PLEASE support small shops! There are so many wonderful businesses out there that you could support and find the cutest rave clothes for a good price. I find most small shops on Etsy, Instagram and Twitter. I know it’s easy to go to the main stores that everyone talks about and you know the name of because it’s already in your mind, but it is so much more worth it taking the time to find small shops that you like to get your rave clothes. Many of these are handmade/made to order, and every piece I get from these shops will always have so much more meaning.