10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge

I watch Youtube more than TV and I am constantly looking for new Youtubers to watch! Specifically, I’m always looking for festival content creators because that is my favorite content to watch. My second favorite is fantasizing about Van life and studying how to run away and live at festivals with my pets. Of courseContinue reading “10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge”

Fun And Creative Festival Drink Recipes

These five drinks are fun and creative that you can make all from your campsite with your rave family! First off, I was going to make these drinks so I can show the process and the end result. Due to Covid-19, I am honestly terrified of going outside right now. I drove about 30 minutesContinue reading “Fun And Creative Festival Drink Recipes”

Rave Themed Gift Basket w/ 10 Items!

Are you the type to DIY gifts when it comes to gift giving? Especially to your rave friends and fam? Almost every one of my gifts that I give to someone is some kind of DIY project that includes a little extra love. Some projects I’ve made include scavenger hunts, a “five senses box”, andContinue reading “Rave Themed Gift Basket w/ 10 Items!”

Outfit Tips For Shows In The Winter (especially w/ NO coat check!)

Imagine this: You’re on your way to a show, it’s freezing cold outside so you’re wearing your winter coat. You get inside the venue and it instantly feels like you’re in a SAUNA! You get past security and your first thought is “find the coat check. Where’s the coat check. Oh look there’s the bar!Continue reading “Outfit Tips For Shows In The Winter (especially w/ NO coat check!)”

Raving Smarter BEFORE & AFTER A Rave

Before I start this, I wanted to say that the picture I used for this post is from EDC Las Vegas! I have been talking non stop about this for a long time and the “official” countdown is almost here! The lineup and theme will be announced next week and I could not be moreContinue reading “Raving Smarter BEFORE & AFTER A Rave”

10 Unique Etsy Shops Every Raver Should Check Out

Listen… Etsy is my LIFE! Everytime I start online shopping, the first tab I open is always Etsy. With SHEIN now coming in close second because I’ve been kind of obsessed with how cheap the clothing is. With festival season approaching, I wanted to share TEN of my favorite rave shops on Etsy! I’m veryContinue reading “10 Unique Etsy Shops Every Raver Should Check Out”

GloFx Space Whip Remix Review

I don’t want to start this any other way than WOW THIS NEW PIXEL WHIP REMIX IS BEAUTIFUL! I haven’t tried many companies that sell flow toys. I’ve only tried one whip from Fiberflies I bought from someone on Instagram. I’ve always loved GloFx products and they will always be my first choice when gettingContinue reading “GloFx Space Whip Remix Review”

The Importance Of Taking Time To Yourself

This year was the first year that I’ve truly figured out what it means to take time for yourself. Ever since I graduated high school, I’ve been in a constant state of go, go, go. At the time I didn’t think it was a problem at all. Never resting and constantly going in life isContinue reading “The Importance Of Taking Time To Yourself”

How I Plan My Rave Outfits

We all do it differently. I know there’s people out there that are like me and have this whole system, everything is detailed and down to a tee planning any and all rave outfits. I thought of this post because everytime I plan my outfits, I have this whole system that I’ve MASTERED. THE BREAKDOWNContinue reading “How I Plan My Rave Outfits”