Small Etsy Rave Shop Businesses I Love!

As you may or may not know, Etsy will always be my one stop shop for most items because I have learned over the years that it is way better to support small shops and small businesses. I promise you that if you are looking for a specific item/product, a small business somewhere out thereContinue reading “Small Etsy Rave Shop Businesses I Love!”

PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)

Before I start this blog post I feel like I need to address one thing first for the people that don’t know. “What the heck is a pixel whip?” A Pixel Whip is a type of flow art prop used by flow artists. They’re made up of fiber optic lights. The fibers are differently sizedContinue reading “PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)”

My Five Essentials For Camping Festivals

Camping festivals take a lot of planning! Just like any camping trip, there will always be things that you have a checklist for and hope that you don’t forget anything before heading to possibly the middle of nowhere. Don’t forget to check out my video linked at the very bottom of this post where IContinue reading “My Five Essentials For Camping Festivals”

Raving smarter DURING a festival

Raving smarter. Raving healthy and smart. Everybody is going to tell you the normal things. Drink water, take emerg-c, eat healthy, etc but there’s more than that. There’s many things that you can do DURING a festival that will definitely help you in the long run. I have a post here for raving smarter BEFOREContinue reading “Raving smarter DURING a festival”

10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge

I watch Youtube more than TV and I am constantly looking for new Youtubers to watch! Specifically, I’m always looking for festival content creators because that is my favorite content to watch. My second favorite is fantasizing about Van life and studying how to run away and live at festivals with my pets. Of courseContinue reading “10 Festival Content YOU TUBERS To Binge”

Meal Prep For A 3 Day Rave (Healthy, Easy & Cheap)

Let’s get right into it because I can’t contain the excitement of this healthy, easy & cheap hotel meal prep for a rave! I’ve never been that great with meal preps in general but I have been doing more research on meal prepping, and I believe it’s been helping me a lot! Meal prepping isContinue reading “Meal Prep For A 3 Day Rave (Healthy, Easy & Cheap)”

10 Unique Etsy Shops Every Raver Should Check Out

Listen… Etsy is my LIFE! Everytime I start online shopping, the first tab I open is always Etsy. With SHEIN now coming in close second because I’ve been kind of obsessed with how cheap the clothing is. With festival season approaching, I wanted to share TEN of my favorite rave shops on Etsy! I’m veryContinue reading “10 Unique Etsy Shops Every Raver Should Check Out”