PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)

Before I start this blog post I feel like I need to address one thing first for the people that don’t know. “What the heck is a pixel whip?” A Pixel Whip is a type of flow art prop used by flow artists. They’re made up of fiber optic lights. The fibers are differently sizedContinue reading “PIxel Whip Tips (Improve Your Flow With These!)”

GloFx Space Whip Remix Review

I don’t want to start this any other way than WOW THIS NEW PIXEL WHIP REMIX IS BEAUTIFUL! I haven’t tried many companies that sell flow toys. I’ve only tried one whip from Fiberflies I bought from someone on Instagram. I’ve always loved GloFx products and they will always be my first choice when gettingContinue reading “GloFx Space Whip Remix Review”